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Planet Ripple- 116- Hyperfocus

Something's up.

That's it for today! Happy Easter!

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Feedback is appreciated.
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I can relate to Minnow so much in this scene. I get so focused and ignore most stimuli, and even don't take care of myself some of the time. I can relate to pretty much most of her traits in the series.

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Huh, this isn't the first time Minnow's needed someone else to tell her to take care of herself. It seems like, without them, she'd just keep pushing forward until she broke. Almost like they value her safety and well-being more than she does.
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More than she does... yep. That's going to come into play a lot down the road.
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Huh. This guy's comment reminds me a little of Simon from Gurren Lagan. What caught Kamina's eye was the kid's almost mindless drive to keep moving forward, no matter the costs. 
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I hope you have a good Easter Sunday. :)
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Does the captain not know about her autism? 
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He... comments on it on the next page.
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You are welcome. God bless.
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