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Planet Ripple- 104- Linear Thinking



And now we see what's up with the title of this chapter. This is something that I've found myself falling into more than a few times in my life. Basically, when something went wrong more than a few times in a row, my mind would fall into "step" and think "Oh, this is just how things are going to be from now on," even if that was obviously untrue. That's what's happened to Minnow here. She sees a pattern and thinks it's just going to keep repeating that way because hey, it would've stopped by now if it was going to, right? And yes, she's being very dramatic by the last panel but that's how it was for me too.

So, how many people relate to this?

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This is common, I have experienced this myself and it is very depressing any can hold you back like you wouldn't believe. This is very typical of people with high functioning autism myself included.