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Planet Ripple- 100- Missing

Woot, 100 pages in! Sorry there's nothing special happening here, but we do learn a fair bit we didn't know before, at least.

That's it for today.

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Commissions are always open.

Bust- $10
Full body shot- $20
+$15 for each additional character
+$15 for a background
Comic book cover/page- $30

Feedback is appreciated.
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I would love to know more about the merfolk.
justpissoffalready's avatar
Wow, 100 already?! Time sure flies.
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
Yeah, it doesn't feel long at all since I first started uploading these now that we're here.
Gusindor's avatar
Yay 100 pages!

Minnow's face in the second-to-last panel is intense, I wonder what she's thinking...
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
"Those damned fools..."
FatherOfMusho's avatar
Minnow seems like a lover not a fighter... but the thought of punching a few asinine teenagers may be passing through her mind right about now.
GoldGecko's avatar
I am going to guess they ate him.
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
Naaaah. More likely they'll use him for slave labor or put him in an aquarium.
GoldGecko's avatar
They don't seem like the sort of folks who keep an aquarium, unless it contains piranhas or sharks or something.
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