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Felraya- Children of Solum Page 1

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First page of a commissioned comic adaptation of chapter 1 of the story by :iconluvidicus:

Felarya belongs to :iconkarbo:

Next page >> Children of Solum- 2- Wake Up by NickOnPlanetRipple  

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You can read some of the story here.…
Planet Ripple Cover by NickOnPlanetRipple

Always fun to come back to Felarya after disappearing for years on end.
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Oh very neat introduction ! :D I like the atmosphere you set up here. I'm very intrigued now =p
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Thank you. More to come once I get some youtube crap sorted out.
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...........go on.
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Wait we are going back to felarya?!?!!?

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neat, like the dark theme of it
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Deeply intense!...Until you get to the anthropologist named "Karen". People with PHDs usually call themselves "Dr" or "Professor" or at least have a last name Ayumi Teasing Icon

Lol Though it's a cool idea for the Underground Region we never get much on outside of the Felarya Discord's own little projects. 
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Please keep in mind I didn't write this. It's an adaptation of the original work, and I ended up having to abridge the opening in places here and there.
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Very good to see you drawing something Felarya-related again! Even though it's a commission.
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Good to see a new comic from you, regardless of genre!!!

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