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F-DoR- The Googolplex Connection- Ending (clean)

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And so, Subeta got lost in Nemyra's house for weeks.

Oh, right. Nweh and Hadyn.

Okay, so... there are two ways you could take this ending.

1. Nemyra stepped in to give Nweh and Hadyn a happy ending.

2. Nemyra gave Nweh a way back out, but left Hadyn to die on Tol, where he's just having a hallucination of Nweh in what may be his final moments.

So basically, pick your poison. I understand that to some, having a Gaudian (essentially a God of Felarya) step in to help out my characters completely destroys any value this story might've had, by making them total mary sues and ruining the integrity of Felarya or something like that.

Still, I can't keep doing this song and dance and ending almost Felaryan story of mine with somebody dying. It's become a trope that people bring up from time to time, saying things like "I guess this is just your style. Here we go again."

Overall, what I've tried to convey with this story is the opposite of what I conveyed with The Fairy and The Man. Heck, even Gelsey alluded to this as Nweh entered Nemyra's house. That story's message was that someone's story never really "ends" in Felarya until they're suddenly killed off in some crazy way... so we saw just that. That was the end of that story.

In this case, though, the story's only begun. Nweh (and possibly Hadyn) may very well survive in Felarya for centuries, and who knows what could happen in that time? Point is, I wanted to make something with a hopeful ending for a change... which I know, in some way, completely flies in the face of Felarya, a world that's ALL ABOUT death and suffering and doom an' all that.

Anyway, I know this ending may be irksome to some, but I've tried to leave it fairly open-ended. Whichever makes the story better in your eyes, I suppose.

Well... that's all for now! I hope this story was everything you guys may've wanted it to be.

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Feedback is appreciated.
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Years later this story still blows me mind, it's so good

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What on earth? Well it was cool :) 
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Just another story I felt like getting out of my system.
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I don't have a problem with a deus ex machina being used to give a happy ending to the characters when they've suffered so much to earn it. Now, I can just hope to see more of these two in the future.
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XD I have to say, I loved the expressions on Nweh and Hadyn's faces when she opened the door and appeared in his world like that. Its just so blank, like, "Wait, whut just happened? o-o". It was an excellent ending. =3
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I don't get it. what happened to the tall man?
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Wherever he came from, I guess.
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ok? very good ending. who knows maybe your characters may even make it into the wiki:)
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I'd like that, but I've made a lot of characters who haven't made it on the the wiki, so... >shrugs<.
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it dose not matter Nick. we all like your characters 100% more than Karbo's. no offense but Karbo's characters are kind of getting old. at least you keep it fresh:)
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aaahhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrkkkkk I wish there was moreRage Rage 
yay good endingClapWaaaah!  
this is fav comic that you have done yet and its over and there is so much more that could happen
Waaaah! Waaaah! 
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Yay! Their together!Dance! 
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I'm gonna be good cop here and say ending one is my canon :meow:

I loved this man
Hope we get more soon! :D
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