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F-DoR- The Googolplex Connection- Ending

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And so, Subeta got lost in Nemyra's house for weeks.

Oh, right. Nweh and Hadyn.

Clean version >> F-DoR- The Googolplex Connection- Ending (clean) by NickinAmerica

Okay, so... there are two ways you could take this ending.

1. Nemyra stepped in to give Nweh and Hadyn a happy ending.

2. Nemyra gave Nweh a way back out, but left Hadyn to die on Tol, where he's just having a hallucination of Nweh in what may be his final moments.

So basically, pick your poison. I understand that to some, having a Guardian (essentially a God of Felarya) step in to help out my characters completely destroys any value this story might've had, by making them total mary sues and ruining the integrity of Felarya or something like that.

Still, I can't keep doing this song and dance and ending almost every Felaryan story of mine with somebody dying. It's become a trope that people bring up from time to time, saying things like "I guess this is just your style. Here we go again."

Overall, what I've tried to convey with this story is the opposite of what I conveyed with The Fairy and The Man. Heck, even Gelsey alluded to this as Nweh entered Nemyra's house. That story's message was that someone's story never really "ends" in Felarya until they're suddenly killed off in some crazy way... so we saw just that. That was the end of that story.

In this case, though, the story's only begun. Nweh (and possibly Hadyn) may very well survive in Felarya for centuries, and who knows what could happen in that time? Point is, I wanted to make something with a hopeful ending for a change... which I know, in some way, completely flies in the face of Felarya, a world that's ALL ABOUT death and suffering and doom an' all that.

Anyway, I know this ending may be irksome to some, but I've tried to leave it fairly open-ended. Whichever makes the story better in your eyes, I suppose.

Well... that's all for now! I hope this story was everything you guys may've wanted it to be.

First page >> Felarya- DoR- The Googolplex Connection by NickinAmerica

Previous page >> F-DoR- Googolplex- 38- Where to, now? by NickinAmerica

Felarya- Dimension of Rapture Collection >>…

I'm always up for commissions, if anyone wants me to draw their Felaryan OCs.
Commission- Luna n' Mike- For Daren-Blackfang by NickinAmerica $20 Commission- Liatris for TheLordTaxus by NickinAmerica $20 Commission- Liatris for TheLordTaxus (2) clean by NickinAmerica

Feedback is appreciated.
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What about a nice little Epilogue? Something that shows they have something that looks even remotely like a happy ending.
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Here it is. Karbo drew it 'cause he liked the story.

Mature Content

Warm at last by Karbo
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Option 1 please, with a caveat that he be changed species or size.
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A beautiful little story. I'm not really into Felarya but I loved your tale of Nweh and Haydin. 
Keltarian's avatar
Awwwww, i was hoping for a page oor two of In Person interaction, but a least they meet in the end. *^v^*
thormemeson's avatar
I like how this ended!
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Overall I really enjoyed this story- you continue to make some very hooking stories and characters just seeing them interact in each of these.  There's just something fascinating about watching them bond in such small simple ways at first that really just makes it so easy to relate (even in an 'impossible' scenario of talking between dimensions heh) and really latch onto these two characters.  You're definitely showing off quite a lot of strength in those regards with telling these stories in each of these, and the twist at the end...that was just a huge thought provoker!  At first she could have seen him as just a 'genie' or some other kind of thing as mentioned way back at the start, but eventually they two just sort of form this natural bond and you can tell just how much she cares about him too.  To even imagine what it must have been like for her, to realize that she's talking to a person she ate and become friends  It really just is a crazily thought provoking thing!  Does it feel like a second chance to her to try to help him after what she's done?  That's only one question...but wow, just a lot to think of on it and played incredibly well!  Again kudos on this excellent story heh- and I like to think of it as ending 1 still.

I will kind of agree with previous critique to a degree though- I've mostly come to skipping the comments most of the time, because they do feel a little spoilerish with steering just how the story is.  I read them in more detail when it's something that's thrown me for a loop, but reading your response I can also understand it why you write what you do there.  The intervention of Nemyra did make me pause for a second as well...but it wasn't thrown too heavily either, although the appearance of the creator and her intervention at roughly the same time was a bit coincidental.
Karbo's avatar
Honestly when I first saw the tiny Nemyra palace i raised an eyebrow but that's really all :)  The fact you used Nemyra didn't strike me as forced. It was just her being here for a second then disappearing, not attempting to start communicating. It leaves a lot of room for interpretation on her presence and what she might  or might not have done.  So I feel it worked fine ^^

Overall I think you did a superb job on the story ! :)
It was gripping ,intense and with a lot of emotions. The setting start off as pretty simple, just two people on two different worlds communicating through a device but from there it evolves rapidly into something rich and well though of. And of course your talent as a story-teller once again shine through each pages. I'm always especially impressed on how quickly you manage to make very attaching and interesting characters ^_^

Bravo ! :D
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
Thanks, dude. Surprisingly, it doesn't take long to make a character cool. Just gotta make every moment count, you know? I hear so many people complain about characters in movies an' whatnot being under-developed, but it's not always necessarily a lack of screen time... it's a lack of characters doing or saying anything interesting while they're on screen. All it takes it's a coupla' dozen lines, if even that, and bam, there's a character.

Anyway, glad you enjoyed it, and I'm glad Nemyra's appearance sat right with you.
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Very awesome end to the best Dimension of Rapture yet! So happy for them both. The ended up so much better than that poor Inu girl and her neko boy freind. :/
justpissoffalready's avatar
I'll take Ending 1, thank you. This is only the end of the beginning.

And Nemyra helping your characters isn't as sueish as most people would assume. Our own, real world gods like the greek gods or norse gods did this shit all the time. You can just handwave Nemyra's motive for helping Nweh and Hadyn, two mere mortals, by saying she was bored and did it for kicks.
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Wait a sec, Even if Nweh wasn't a hallucination, how do they get back to Felarya? Nweh Isn't used to extreme cold and Hadyn is already near death, so is it truly a happy ending? Do they both die? It would be amazing if you did a follow up to this.
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
They just turn around and go back through the door where she appeared.
tepman6's avatar
Oh good, I thought the door closed.
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It didn't cross my mind that it might be a hallucination. I see no reason to think it could be. So no; it's an upbeat ending, and they'll presumably have many years together in Felarya. :)

Like a few other readers, I'm a little uncomfortable with the intervention of a Guardian - even as subtle and "toned down" as it is here. Would a Guardian intervene in this way for one person? Why that one person? Well - why not, I suppose. They're inherently mysterious, and they do have a will of their own. But I remain of the view that the Guardians should rarely (if ever) be mentioned - let alone involved.

Also… Did the purple-skinned guy simply leave Hadyn out in the cold, helpless? Or did he offer help, which Hadyn refused?

Despite these quibbles, this was another engrossing, clever and moving story. I very much enjoyed it.
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
Yeah... I'm sorry if I overstepped a boundary. I guess for me it's not an issue of Nemyra just helping them specifically. There could be many, many other people in her house, and she's nudging them all along wherever she wants them to go at once. To me, that sounds like the behavior of a God-like being.

The Tall Man was willing to take Hadyn away until Hadyn grabbed his coat and tried to take the ring back. At that point, he just went "hell with it" and teleported away without him.
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Can we get another page? Like it just ends without a word from either of them....

I was hoping for a little more interaction
sacmanto's avatar
;_;    Damn you and your heart warming stories. I'm not crying. I just have something in my eyes....
Shady-Knight's avatar
Now that that story has ended, I think I can now bring a criticism I have not just with this piece, but with other work of yours that I've seen.  I apologize in advance if you think I'm being unnecessarily blunt.  I think you need to stop posting your interpretations of what happened in the author's description so much.  It feels like you're afraid your readers will interpret your comic strip the wrong way, and so you try to steer them in the direction you intend them to.  You've also developed a bad habit of essentially spoiling your happy or at least bittersweet endings that way, bringing up how your readers are probably expecting a downer ending, from which you're compelled to reassure them that there's more to come.  Maybe that's not your intention, but I can't help feeling that way.
sacmanto's avatar
To be honest... I don't actually read the descriptions. If I'm missing out on anything... I don't actually notice.
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
It more or less is my intention... I just can't help that it drives me CRAZY when people make crazy assumptions about how a story is going to go and say "I'm done with this story if that's the road you're gonna take," which has happened more than once. If people could just be a little more patient, I wouldn't feel so compelled to do that. Yeah, I know it's still balls stupid for me to do.

What do you think of the story itself, though, if I may ask?
Shady-Knight's avatar
I think it started off interesting and I liked the interaction between Nweh and Hadyn.  They had good chemistry and it was enjoyable to see them learn more about one another.  If I could nitpick about something, I can't help but feel like settling her and her caretaker in the Giant Tree was unnecessary, though.  I feel like they could have been in any other part of the jungle and they wouldn't have lost anything.

However I think the story started falling apart at the end.  Given how little time there was between the part where Nweh lost the ring and got it back, without much consequence either, that part honestly felt rather pointless.  Also, I may remember it wrong, but did Nweh attempt to use the ring to give food or items like a blanket to Hadyn, especially when he was stranded in the snowstorm?  Hadyn has shown it was possible by giving her ice cream, so I think showing her grab fruits and give them to Hadyn so he doesn't starve would have been nice.  I also think that would have made the sequence of events where she lost the ring more engaging, because then there would have been a more pressing concern.  Without it, Hadyn is very much on a timer, since even if the outcome had remained the same, that Subeta found the ring and then handed back to Nweh without a fuss, it would have had a lasting effect, Hadyn would have grown considerably weaker from the lack of food, which in turn would have made the need to find a way to bring him over more urgent.  Maybe that was mentioned, but I think it would have been more effective if that were shown more.

Then, there was Nemyra's intervention.  Even if she herself didn't show up, I still can't help but think you may have written yourself into a corner.  Now that I think about it, given the creator of the ring showed up too, her intervention feels rather pointless.  I don't think it would have been too much of a stretch if he did something to it so it was possible to properly cross the two worlds.  Like, maybe Hadyn, with what strength he had left, tried to wrestle the ring out of its creator's hand, since he was basically dead without it.  The creator could have then zapped him with a spell, zapping the ring along with him, since it wouldn't be much of a stretch if he was a magician, and the result of being blasted with magic from its creator could have essentially disabled whatever protection was keeping a fairy from crossing through it.  I could imagine Gelsey or Subeta being shocked to see the creator, and he would obviously attack them since he knows what they do, but given their character, I could see them just grab Hadyn and bail out.  There could also have been a stringer at the end where the creator picks up the ring and remarks that he needs to urgently repair it or something.

Just food for thought, really.
KaijuDuke's avatar
I prefer happy ending, especially after all the drama these two have gone through.
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