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F-DoR- Googolplex- 36- That about sums it up

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Sooo yeah. The dude essentially made a walkie-talkie, only one, banking on his second self doing the same thing so they could talk to each other. What does this mean for Hadyn and Nweh? I'm sure some of you can guess, but either way, you'll see tomorrow.

Just to clear things up, people, I didn't make up "The Googolplex." It's already kind of a thing, and after I read about it a bit, I thought it would be cool to work it into a story. Felarya's wacky rules just gave me an easier way to justify all this spatial hocus-pocus stuff... kinda.

And yes, for those who may point it out, I know that a Googolplex is not actually the biggest number. That would be a Googolplexian. We can just chalk it up to this alien's numbers being different than ours, I guess.

I hope this has been an interesting development. That's it for today!

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I'm always up for commissions, if anyone wants me to draw their Felaryan OCs.
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Feedback is appreciated.
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hmm... I'm just going to throw it out there. dose it have anything to do with void?
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never mind. thanks and I have to say you have done a good job here with this story.
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I remember hearing about this somewhere, about how the universe is a particular size(I think 50-70 googleplexes), and if it were any bigger than that size, then things would start repeating(or something like that). An interesting yet in some ways scary/spooky concept.
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100 x 1010100? Sorry, no. That's only 100 googolplexes. A Googolplexian is 1 followed by a googolplex of zeroes. 101010100
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Eh. Don't beat yourself up about it. It's not really common knowledge.
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Damn. I just watch an overview of some of the lore rich history from Halo, specifically relating to the origin of humanity and the Lovecraft inspired Precursors, and it kinda put me in the mood for this kind of fable.
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dude if you want a cool lore read about halo, read about the origin of the flood.…
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Read that like two years ago. Moral of the story: never put powder on your dogs, or else they'll mutate into the ancient monsters who seeded the galaxy with life but now just want to eat people.
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hay come on now the flood was the coolest and hardest enemy I have every have to fight through all the halo games.
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I never suggested otherwise, just don't powder your dog.
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I don't get it?
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The flood were originally born from humans putting strange alien powder on their pets.
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oww yer I get what you mean now. sorry just confused by what you said earlier.
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I'm gonna go on a wild guess and say it's some demented version of Haydn. JUST GUESSING.
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I failed XD
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Well your pulling a bioshock infinite on us it seems.

Also this page has by the best angles in my opinion. 
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Well, that does open up intriguing questions! (And I think the snow effect is just fine, by the way.)
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Whoaaaa. O.O So Hooded McTrustworoth IS Hayden from another time line?? O.o Didn't see that commuting.
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I am both disappointed I'm wrong and relieved I'm wrong. XD Hmm maybe I should just wait a find out what he means? Probably be more satisfying that way but ooooh I love to solve mysteries. X3
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What could this mean about those two, I wonder!Dance! 
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