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F-DoR- Googlplex- 32- Good night

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Okay... I know things are getting a tad excessively mushy, now. Especially since Hadyn isn't really her... boyfriend in the sense that we'd think. She'd treat ANY really good friend this way. Doesn't matter who you are once you're in her heart. Still, I hope the shmoopy-woopyness of it all isn't getting to people.

As for why Subeta is wearing a bra in this scene, something you don't see a lot of Felaryans doing... well, maybe she just likes a little support now and then, you know?


Anyway, despite the finality of such a title, this is not the end of the story. Tomorrow, we just may see our first glimmer of hope.

That's it for today.

Subeta belongs to :iconkarbo:

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I'm always up for commissions, if anyone wants me to draw their Felaryan OCs.
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man this is getting close...
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But but but...
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I've been wondering where the rings came from in the first place :o
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... I have a question thats been nagging me... Is Hadyn as large as Nweh? I mean, when Nweh puts her hand through the ring, its not much larger then his own arm... 
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She's about twice as tall as him.
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If that doesn't seal the deal that this'll have a tragic ending, I don't know what will. Still, very sweet the way she talks to him.
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The end is approaching.... 
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Heh, Getting sick of having to upload the same page twice, Weren't you?
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Hey, if I was literally on my last legs, I'd want someone to be all mushy towards me as well, so this page doesn't bother me either, Nweh's trying to comfort a friend in seriously dire need of help, perfectly natural.
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This is so sweet!Dance! 
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