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Campfire Monsters

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Commissioned by :iconshadowmann2330:

It's a story that's happened many a time before in Felarya. A human loses their way, tries to find shelter in the rain,  unaware of how much danger they're truly in.

This is the side of Felarya I like, fraught with danger like an old Grimm's Fairy Tale. Seeing things from the perspective of the prey, the Fairies and Giants being the stuff of children's nightmares. Like... I know what the setting means to other people, how it fulfills their fantasies, but that just isn't for me. I'm not into that stuff. I just like a good adventure/horror story, so those are the kinds of scenarios I focus on.

Characters featured in this piece are Relina and Malika, both owned by :iconturboman500:. I had fun drawing them again, going for a different take this time. Relina's just lounging, like "Heh. Poor shmuck doesn't even know," and I made Malika's hair more wild than usual, to better blend her in with the trees. Felarya was created by :iconkarbo:

So what happens, next? I have no idea, but I think I'll sit this one out.

Commissions are always open.

Bust- $10
Full body shot- $20
+$15 for each additional character
+$15 for a background
Comic book cover/page- $50

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Feedback is appreciated.
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I would love to see a version where the human is more dangerous than all the monsters in the entire forest if not the planet. Kind of like those frogs with the bright colors and because they are so poisonous that even touching them will be an instantaneous death. For something like that to be it have to be somebody irradiated with radiation to the point that it would be an instant death for anyone of the monsters that comes near any the infected/irradiated it would be a horrible sight.
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I really like the atmosphere you set up here with the campfire lighting :) Nice job ! :D
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Kill it!!!! Kill it with fire!!!
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Amusingly, this kind of concept was part of how I designed my characters in the first place too heh...  It's really cool to see it done with these two in particular- very much the horrorish fairy tale looking vibes coming from the two looming over him there!  The multitude of perspectives really adds tons to Felarya I feel and just considering all of them can really add that much more to these encounters, which this picture does wonderfully.   
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Yeah this does happen alot but more commonly plants and animals get you. Still this is much more artful. 
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(Late comment sorry -_-)

Like the mood and the scenery, also the Faces of Malika and Relina here made may day. Miss story's about does 2.
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Hoo boy; this could go a number of ways. Always fun to see these girls and these are excellent renditions of them.
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The composition on this is incredible. As the person responsible for both of these ladies, I try to look for an artists touches and callbacks to certain quirks. Looking at the shading and way you did the lighting, it’s almost easy to miss ( which is what makes it so damn cool ) the fact that that isn’t a bush behind him, but Malika’s tail. That’s an increadible detail to add. Also the fact that she’d play charades an be a tree, or something else is totally in her character. Good on that. I’ve got to go read the story this is from, but this commission I can whole heartedly say, does my two oldest OC’s in this setting more justice than you know.

I know it wasn’t for me, but I love it!
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Thank you, dude. It was fun coming back to these two, like seeing old friends. Scary old friends.
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I haven't written it quite yet...
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The atmosphere is fantastic! Very 'grim / Grimm old fairy tales', indeed. It's not just the looming figures and how you've drawn their intense eyes, I think, but the effect of light and dark - the feeble glow from the fire, and the effect of the darkness beyond it. That's particularly well done.
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I'd like to think this is a strategy Malika's used before, positioning her body and arms to look like a tree to anyone who can't see that well in the dark.
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I've also had a similar take on vore and Felarya in general. It's great for an adventure/ horror scenario, but also great for femdom and vore despite myself not being into the latter two. 

This might be spam, but I do everything I can to avoid those themes of erotic death, opting for a more dramatic and action oriented tale. If it's involved, I make it seem horrible and dangerous (which is personally the ABSOLUTE WORST way to die) 

So I fully love and respect your take on these two characters in this fashion. Makes them much more terrifying and actual titanic monsters instead of giant sex objects (even if one's a nymphomaniac lol) I hope to see more art pieces like this in the future, my friend!
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The shading on this is just perfect. bright next to the fire, but steadily darker as things get further away. you can tell based on that who is closer to Steven and who is further just with how shadowed they are. This completely circumnavigates the need to correctly guess size based on distance in this shot!

Well bloody done!
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why is that a fetish will be forever Beyond me.

at least you acknowledged how fucked up that is in this story. 
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Me too never was a fan of being eaten alive
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It's simple preference, some folks like the Bdsm, others enjoy Femdom, some like vore.
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Nice to see something new in freya other then vore it creeps me out
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