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Bionicle- Nova Orbis- The Matoran



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This is very much the "Mega Man ZX" of Bionicle, in a lot of ways.

It begins a long time after the previous series left off, containing a few references to older things (such as these new Turaga who should be familiar to some) but is still, for the most part, its own story, a fresh start. The Matoran, much like the Reploids in that series, have changed and become more lifelike. Yep, you get the idea.

Matoran tended to be 80 or so percent mechanical with some bits of tissue here and there and a few organs, while Agori were almost human, being mostly organic aside from a few... implants. These new Matoran are more like 50-50.

The Ta-Matoran, as you can see, have adopted the artistry of the Bara Magnans, mixing craftsmanship not last seen since the days of Metru Nui with the style of a sister race from another world. I think this is the best example of the two cultures coming together and forging a new one.

The Onu-Matoran are a homage to Toa Onua, and the other Toa Mata of the good ol' days. It just made sense to me that these guys may eventually evolve to look like this, with compact bodies, glowing eyes, and hands and feet like those of a shrew. And no, that drill is not a part of him... it's just a tool he's holding. He's got a good grip. I think this background is my favorite, showing the two worlds these guys have spread throughout.

The Le-Matoran are the complete opposite. They are now quite clumsy on the ground, and hop to and fro between their "bird houses".

That Ga-Matoran was the first new Matoran I designed, and man, is she my favorite. It was just supposed to be a quick, spur of the moment throwaway sketch, but when I saw how adorable she ended up being, I smiled and made the most of it. As you can see, her feet are wide and flipper-like, and her fingers are webbed (though not her thumb, since that would make it difficult to grab things.)

The Po-Matoran seem to be the only ones with eyes that do not glow, and masks that don't seem to meld into their faces. Huh.

The Bo-Matoran are... something of a fusion of frogs and monkeys. Yeah, I dunno what I was going for when I drew that guy.

It's unfortunate the Vo-Matoran look so much like the Ko-Matoran. Oh well.

While the Ga-Matoran have a lifestyle more like that of their days on Mata Nui, the Ce-Matoran are a little more in tune with the culture and architecture of Ga-Metru. They also have the most beautiful eyes of the bunch, I think. They're also stupidly cute.

That Ko-Matoran's mask is a homage to Kopeke. His feet, inspired by the rounded Toa Inika foot piece, are like snowshoes. :D

That lanky De-Matoran is a homage to Toa Krakua... and yes, I made his village as dull and generic as could be on purpose. That's kinda the joke, with these guys.

That Su-Matoran, aside from the Ga-Matoran, was the most fun for me to draw.

And the Ba-Matoran... uh... yeah... Every impulse to go one way, I had to fight and go the other way. Every thing I've learned about body proportions an' whatnot, I threw out the window when designing this... thing. Is he even wearing a mask? In the end, I think I've more or less succeeded in creating something creepy, ugly, and... oddly endearing.

Overall, you can see how much these little dudes have changed since the old days... and YES, they are still "little". Though they are much more fit and less... stumpy than before, they still only reach 3 feet off the ground, four at most. They are essentially pigmies.

So, assuming Toa are still twice as tall, will we ever see any? Well, sure, someday.... but like I said, I'm NOT going to be making a comic out of this.

I'm going to take a less time consuming approach. Every now and then, I may upload a serial, a new chapter in this story, and whip up a few illustrations to go along with it... but that's the most you're gonna get. Still, I hope it's enough. I have a lot of ideas, a lot of places this can go, and I hope this presentation of Nova Orbis has you guys psyched for it. I've put my all into creating a strong base to begin a new story from, so here we go.

I hope to really get this moving next year, though in the meantime, I may upload the drawings of each Matoran on their own, so you can have a better look at of them, and get to know them better.

That's it for today.

F-DoR- Fairies resumes of Monday! (finally)

Feedback is appreciated.
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what are occupational differences of Ko-matoran and De-matoran