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Bionicle- Nova Orbis- Return- Chapter 9

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Hmmmm... comparing Sein's account of how things went down at the old Matoran settlement with Susurri's, something doesn't add up.

In other news, Banhi's character actually comes in useful for something! Yaaaay, finally. Yeah, I know nobody says it, but I'm sure there's someone out there who thinks Banhi is the blandest character in this entire series.

Anyway, tune in next time, to see how things go for the Su-Matoran.

That's it for today.

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Battledroidunit047's avatar… shocked Goryu icon

Also, I imagined Vesta's snappage sounding like this:…

And now I'm REALLY starting to dislike the Miro
Orionide5's avatar
Heyy, I'm going to pick up reading this where I left off! I see you have plenty of new pages written and I'm about to get to them.
steamdiesel's avatar
steamdieselStudent Artist
All of a sudden, Piras became my new most despised character in Nova Orbis.  Vesta, looks like you're in the clear, for now.
toalorikan626's avatar
Haha vesta's explosion was prefect in that moment, Calors like "dafaq?" So we have prias gathering matoran from all over like he did last time only less than benevolent, Toa orbis under house arrest with one of their own controlled a chronicler, Toa and turaga on the run. And it looks like Sein knows more than he told triux and he's placing his people first by removing them from a predictable spot
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1. So, the Toa Miro are controlling Ahkmou through his "dummy mask"?
2. "Luckily, I still had one of my keys to the city stashed away where no decent Toa would look for it" Uhhh, I'm not gonna ask...
3. Ooh, more Mechanicles! More mystery! This is what got people into G1 BIONICLE, and you're pulling it off wonderfully!
pixiedragons's avatar
pixiedragonsHobbyist General Artist
"so... who's Mata Nui?"  I'm sorry, that got a giggle out of me.  Also, poor ahkmou, thousands of years free from the makuta's rein and he managed to be put under something similar to an infected Kanohi.
Oh my gosh Vesta really does have a soul
Glenfoxx's avatar
GlenfoxxHobbyist General Artist
The expression on Vesta's face is so priceless, I almost choked. And that thing that Ahkmou is wearing is obviously something sinister.
TheBohrokLord's avatar
TheBohrokLordHobbyist Digital Artist
For some reason Ledas keeps reminding me of Prime Soundwave each time he appears. Could be purely coincidental, but he's extremely creepy either way.

It's good to see the action getting started. Hopefully the rest of the Toa Novus can escape Ta-Koro without having to gang up on Ahkmou, but you never know.
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
Ledas reminds me more of the T-1000, myself.
Lehou's avatar
LehouHobbyist Traditional Artist
Aaaaaaand now things are going to hell.

First: The way the mask of Charisma is employed here is most unnerving and I love it. Piras was creepy as hell when he returned and he's even more unsettling now.

Second: I KNEW Venti was going to wind up being involved in some horrible stuff. This is the start of that, then.

Third: I do like that out of all the Toa Miro, Sein, at least, still seems to be a good guy. Not "helpful" in the way that Piras or Ledas have been, but genuinely trying to help the Matoran the way he did prior to the voyage. I get the feeling that whatever reprogramming happened to his brothers didn't make it all the way through with him, and now Piras and Ledas are seeking to rectify this error.

Fourth: Now I know that the "dummy mask" more or less serves the same purpose as an infected Kanohi... and that terrifies me. 

Fifth: I think that Vesta's about to redeem himself in this story arc. He and Calor (and possibly Mieli when she wakes up) are the only ones who can stop the Toa Miro and the Edict... but how long can they stay free?

The plot thickens...
Bronzlelight's avatar
"In Ba-Koro, a figure heard Pira's words" Not sure if this is a spelling mistake or not but did you meant to say Sein not Piras?
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
I changed it to Sein. Sorry for that flub-up.
Bronzlelight's avatar
No problem.
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ToaArcanHobbyist Writer
Well, I called something being up with Akhmou after he got the dummy mask.

The Mask of Charisma is a nasty piece of work. It's a shame the only character who ever had one in the canon was a minor good guy, otherwise we could've had some creepy-as-hell villains with it. 

Mieli's still unconscious because her powers could totally break the whole story arc, I'm guessing. Ce-Toa and mental alterations don't really mix.

And now we've got some infighting with the Toa Miro by the looks of things. Sein's still a great character even after whatever the Edict has done to him. And his story with the Su-Matoran settlement is a pretty hefty example of plasma powers going wrong. 

Good to see some more nuance to Vesta's portrayal. He's not just an obstructive authority figure, he is actually trying. 

Also, Ledas is probably the creepiest character at this point.
Orionide5's avatar
Well, Trinuma WAS part of a really shady CIA/secret police type organization. The mask power is pretty appropriate in that context. 
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ToaArcanHobbyist Writer
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