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Bionicle- Nova Orbis- Return- Chapter 6

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>whew< This chapter was NUTS. Almost too much action to cram into a single chapter that isn't this year's finale. So much, I don't feel I was able to do the action justice. But, I was trying to keep the Toa Miro all shadowy and mysterious, since I'm not quite ready to reveal their new designs until the next chapter or so.

I hope the one shot you get to see of Piras is worth it, though. Dang, he looks NOTHING like he did at the start of the story.

But, it looks like this is it. After over a year and a half of waiting, all the terror, all the violence and destruction we've had to endure, the Toa Miro are back at last.

That's a good thing, right?

Also, Ultio shot the Toa Novus with a gun. All of them, like... not an energy blaster, an actual gun. Like, basically one of our guns.

Is that okay?


That's it for today.

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That was a hell of a brawl I just read. It makes the battles I write look like boxing matches, and that's when I know what to write then and there (I usually just make it up as I go, which is probably why I haven't resumed my current literature project...)! And when I saw that hole in Uira's chest I was like "HOLY SHIT!" And the fact you mentioned it was a basic gun, that just added to the scares! An unarmored humanoid, I can understand, but a technorganic warrior like a toa?! YIKES!
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'kay, so I just got back into the swing of reading these, man nick you still got it, this was intense as hell and I loved it
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Wow, such an intense chapter! And yikes, the dissonance between the last line and the last picture is incredible. 
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All right, back up to speed. So are the Toa Miro...Nuva now? Piras' mask sort of has the silhouette of a Hau Nuva, but a lot edgier.
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Traded out the Yellow for more Red, I see. The mask kind of looks like burnt fire wood, with the scaly-ness. Almost as though the fire has gone out in Piras leaving nothing but embers...
I like the multi-eyed Kaita, as well. 
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This was absolutely amazing! Don't worry about "not doing the action justice" thing, it is still wonderfully done! Just when questions were being answered, even more appear!
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Whatever's been done to them, it feels like the Toa Miro might not be aligned-good anymore.
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NEO-Lexamus-PrimeHobbyist Traditional Artist
:jawdrop: wow just wow .....nice upgrade 0-0 wow.... the hau looks
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Now why do I get the feeling that the Republic of Caulem is basically the Novus Magnan equivalent of the Quintessons? :P

Really liking the Toa Kaita appearing like that, going all Hulk on Ultio. Any chances of seeing its design in the future?
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Oooohhhh yeah. This is far from the last time a Kaita appears.
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My god, Piras' Kanohi looks so awesome... I was slightly annoyed that I couldn't see the Toa yet, and I really mean that in the best way possible, you're amazing at building up the suspense ! :D

The mechanicles leg armour, are those the new Star Wars CCBS pieces ?
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I didn't intend that, but I guess they could be...? The knees are those weird handlebar add-ons that you can clip things onto.
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ToaArcanHobbyist Writer
Well, the Toa Miro are scary now. The Kaita sequence was incredibly awesome too, nice touch with the extra eyes.
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I think this song, at least early on, suits the Kaita's appearance pretty well.…
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ToaArcanHobbyist Writer
Yeah, that's true.
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