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Bionicle- Nova Orbis- Return- Chapter 4

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So yeah... all this recent exposition dumps are finally starting to take a toll on these guys... and to think it only gets crazier from here! It's too much to take! Arrggggh.

I wanted to make more illustrations for the earlier scenes, but that wouldn't been too many for one sitting and hey, we already know what the characters look like. I used most of these illustrations to introduce new characters, such as Riwhi, who looks just like Kuori, but is only a fourth of her size.

The next few chapters are where we take all these plot threads, all these "what ifs" and they start gelling back together in a way that finally starts to make... total sense.

Also, Ultio is completely nude in that last scene. ....yep. Thankfully, we don't see anything.

And yeah, the older Mechanicles look like Slizers, while the modern ones look like Hero Factory figures, with Bionicle characters right in the middle. Seems pretty fitting, doesn't it?

That's it for today! This has been a busy last week.

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Speaking of Slizers, I think I have some pieces for the purple one still... Only the one though, and I have NO clue about what the lore was behind them.
ColdGoldLazarus's avatar
ColdGoldLazarusHobbyist General Artist
As a huge fan of Slizers, I really appreciated this nod to them in here, even if it was in a villainous context. Still loving this!
Orionide5's avatar
Oh my Mata Nui Akhmou almost got killed by Slizers. I can't even handle this.
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
Fanservice overload? (and I mean the original definition, not the pervy kind)
Orionide5's avatar
No, just incredulity that this story can be so silly and so scary at the same time. That's a good thing, don't worry.
PrehistoricEchoes's avatar
All we need now are the Roboriders and you'll have some weird, Technic line synergy going.
I suddenly want to get some slizers
Glenfoxx's avatar
GlenfoxxHobbyist General Artist
So cool. I have to say I loved the flute as a nostalgic nod to the MNOLG. I remember the tunes still.
toalorikan626's avatar
Pretty surprising chapter, will we see others like the Robo-riders as well?
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
If I ever do a "Bionicle Racers" arc, then yeah.
Ahpolki0513's avatar
So that's where that battle-damaged Ahkmou came from. :O Too bad about the Rau, though. On the bright side, he has an extra Mask for emergencies like this. :P
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
We'll see how that works out in the next chapter.
CJGamer99's avatar
Good Arceus, I only just realised that "Attra" sounds like "attract", and he's a Toa of magnetism. Good job brain, good job...
tristanlee1999's avatar
Am I the only one who can't figure out which slizers the other mechanicle designs are meant to represent?
Are they meant to represent a specific slizer though, like the way you did with turbo, it's just something that's bugging me?
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
The others are just more generic, upright standing ones that you could say represent... like, half of them. I will also be introducing a third, areal type based on Judge Slizer.
tristanlee1999's avatar
okay, cool thanks. Story's going great by the way really excited for the next chapter.
daxtart's avatar
daxtartHobbyist Artist
huf, huf, huf. Fast paced slizer vs bionicle action! Great chapter. Also, was the mask that Tenius was wearing the helmet that Rascus from Knight's Kingdom wore?? It certainly resembles it. I really hope it is haha.

(I believe that Rascus was based of of Lewa with the grinning mask, the slanted eyes and jungle antics. No other knight acted like their animal.)
DarkSamus20's avatar
DarkSamus20Student General Artist
Oh Snap! Shit just got real
The Slizers join the confusion!
scrapmetaru's avatar
So, are the natives Ben 10? 'Cause those were kinda organic, so it might work.
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
Nope. They're like Ultio and Noyra.
scrapmetaru's avatar
Do you not remember the Ben 10 sets? It was this one wave of garbage. But they looked just organic enough to maybe pass off as the natives, y'know what I'm sayin'?
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
But they look nothing like the natives we've already seen.
ToaArcan's avatar
ToaArcanHobbyist Writer
So that's where Ahkmou's damaged appearance from the teaser image came from. 

THe plot developments here are interesting, and the Turaga that aren't Vesta at least have some sympath with all the less-than-stellar things they've done.  Nice touch with the Slizers too.
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steamdieselStudent Artist
You put Slizers in the story???  Interesting!
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