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Bionicle- Nova Orbis- Return, Chapter 2

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Yep, this one is centered entirely around Ahkmou. But what of this "room" he speaks of? (HINT: It's somewhere in the first story. Good luck finding it. It was in a pretty important scene in a pretty important place, is all I'll say.)

And what of these voices that Susurri speaks of? Could he be one who "sees," too?

That's it for today!

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The Hau and Pikari were popular masks for a time, eh? That WOULD explain why so many Matoran had them
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ColdGoldLazarusHobbyist General Artist
It was the storeroom where Albus talked to Ahkmou and Silva about Gemma, right?
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DINGDINGDINGYYYyyes! You're the first to get it right.
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Sl33pdeprivedHobbyist Artisan Crafter
man i want the fire turagan to get his ass kicked no matter his reasons hes to shady to trust with anything anymore
this vilage reminds me of Megaton from Fallout 3…
especially considering the fact that it's built around the crater of a nuclear blast

oh yeah, it's spelled Pakari
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InnodenceHobbyist General Artist
people have actually been 3d printing some of the vaguely hinted/shown masks including the mask of psychometry…
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InnodenceHobbyist General Artist
chapter 4?
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Hang on, Do Ahkmou and his team even have access to a Suva? Because a Toa can't really "wear" multiple masks without having a Suva to store the extras.
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
Wait, what? I didn't know that. I thought using more than one mask was just... something they could do.
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Nope. Whatever extra mask they use or wear is teleported to a Suva for storage. And if the Suva were to be destroyed, the masks go down with it. That's way Tahu wasn't able to use his Kanohi Nuva after the Rahkshi attacked Ta-Koro. His Suva was destroyed in the chaos, and with it, the masks.

You can read more on it here:…
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Oh... well, there is a Suva in Onu-Koro.
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Great work on the new chapter ! It was a fun surprise to see the relatives of the Rock Steeds really, and it feels good to start learning more about the past of this world, although it raises more questions than it answers.

Just one thing, you made a small typo in this chapter. It's the Kanohi Pakari, not Pikari :P
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
That's the sign of a good mystery. The more you learn, the more you need to know.
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More questions... so much mystery! An excellent chapter.
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I am certain that any day now, Vesta's gonna use some of Ahkmous past to either ruin the team, or blackmail Ahkmou so that he can make them obey. I can sense it.
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burnoutprime7Hobbyist General Artist
Yeeup. I definitely see some old masks and blasters. But dammit I can't remember what they were called.... But I do know one was for the glatorians and another for the toa mahri.... If that counts for something lol

Hehe, the more I see ahkmou, the more I like him XD he's definitely my favourite member of the team :)

Keep it up :)
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
Left, Thornax launcher. Right, Cordak Blaster.

And yeah... Ahkmou kicks ass.
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burnoutprime7Hobbyist General Artist
Right. Thanks man, now I remember.

Of course he kicks ass. He's freaking ahkmou, no one screws with him.
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ToaArcanHobbyist Writer
Loving the introduction of Susurri, and the acquisition of more Kanohi. I missed their use in the later years. Back in 01, the Mata used their Kanohi all the time, but by the time of the Mahri, they would use their masks maybe once or twice each. Actually, I don't remember Hahli using her mask for anything.
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
Yeah. I'm going to try to bring back that focus on Kanohi, giving the characters new ones now and then that seem to fit them as characters, but not too many. For example, a mask of Psychometry? PERFECT for a Psychic.

And I'm glad the introduction of Susurri's gone off without a hitch. I was worried people would think he had too easy a time communicating with Ahkmou, and see him tuning the robotic components of his ear to communicate with the animals as a copout.
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ToaArcanHobbyist Writer
The Bionicle D&D run I was part of used masks a lot. One of the party got several kills by using his Kualsi to teleport his swords into them, another was able to use an Arthron to give us an early warning system, I kept using a Kadin to get around and switching to my normal mask (A Pehkui that tended to leave me moments from deathe very time I used it) once I landed. Hell, one of the plot threads centred around the main villain using a Mask of Charisma to form her own cult of personality. 

To be honest, it makes sense. There are characters in the past that have learned to speak Rahi, like Nuju and the Toa Hagah, without using a Rau.
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If I recall, Hahli Mahri at one point got poisoned and used her mask, which allowed her to access the powers of creatures around her, to become immune to it. 
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ToaArcanHobbyist Writer
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Be that as it may, we didn't read it as it was happening; she just showed up after being poisoned by Mantax and said she used her mask power.
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