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Bionicle- Nova Orbis- Return- Chapter 11

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So... no huge shocker moment in this one, but a lot still happened. We also finally get to know Unda a little bit. Do you guys think he's a sorry excuse for a character, or can you sorta see where he's coming from?

Not that it has much to do with anything, but I spent a fair chunk of time listening to this tune as I was putting this piece together. I think it fits some of these scenes, mostly the last one.…

That's it for today.

Next time... things get CRAAAAZY. Like, you have no idea.

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Feedback is appreciated.
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And here I thought Unda would be the most reasonable of the Miro. And I can TOTALLY agree with Calor right now; shit is just becoming too much to handle.
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ColdGoldLazarusHobbyist General Artist
Unda needs to chill the heck out. Persecution complex much?
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ColdGoldLazarusHobbyist General Artist
Note this is not a criticism of the character writing
I just don't like him. XD
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Piras was always the charismatic, leader-y type, and now wields the mask of Charisma.
Unda always felt small compared to Imber, and now wields the mask of Diminishment. 

Strange... Perhaps Sein, the protector of his people, might now wield a mask of Shielding just as Piras does? Or perhaps Ledas the silent, might now wear a mask of Silence?

Or am I thinking on this too much? Knowing me, probably.
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Ive noticed a thing with Ahkmou. Despite his general "opening up" to his toa friends he is still always a "lone wolf" kind of guy. Maybe it just seems right to him as he has been on his own for so long, not trusted by anyone? I thing its a nice bit of character either way. Very well done :D (Big Grin) 
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LehouHobbyist Traditional Artist
Well... that ending was incredibly depressing.
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Quite a good chapter, and I thought that Unda was interesting since I first saw his bio when he was... y'know, normal.

By the way, did he change his mask from a Mask of Sonar to Diminishment? Because if so, it's entirely possible that Piras has a Mask of Charisma... I'm getting chills, this new dictatorship the Toa Miro are setting in place is getting to be really spooky and cool!
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All of the Toa Miro have two masks, now.
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The music really helps set the tone of this chapter. Even in Calor's tense fight scenes, you feel a sense of loss, which mirrors his emotions.
it ain't fair that he was bullied but he's a delusional freak
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For me, this was one of the best chapters of the new story arc. It really was amazing, and even though a lot happened, there was enough dialogue to keep things really interesting. Well done Nick, really well done !
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ToaArcanHobbyist Writer
Unda might be a bit of a whiner, but I still feel sorry for him. I imagine he's not that bad when his brain isn't being warped. I didn't expect Ferrum to go down so quickly, but it makes a lot of sense. Nothing's going to be take that kind of attack particularly well.

I do have to wonder what the Matoran that aren't Tenius, Susurri, or the Su-Matoran think of seeing the two Toa teams suddenly start going at it.
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