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Bionicle- Nova Orbis- Mystery- Chapter 7

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I think the last coupla' chapters have been a tad too slow. It's time we really got this plot moving, so yeah, a lot happened in this one. I was originally going to end it when they were cornered by the mysterious Rahi, but in the end, I decided that was unacceptable.

So yeah, this chapter was a big game changer! From this point on, Calor and Mieli's stories are one, so now we'll only have two stories to follow, not three. And, given their destination, it won't be long before... well, you can probably guess what's going to happen, next. It's been fun juggling these three parties, but I don't know how much longer I could keep it up in that format. Now, though, more is going to be accomplished in each chapter.

I really hope I'm giving you guys a good sense of where our little would-be heroes are as we move around the island. Panel 5 is consistent with the scenes where Mieli leaves Ce-Koro and reaches Ga-Koro, and I want to keep everything sound. The MNOG gave you that really good sense of where you were going.

As for Taipu... from my understanding, even after a Toa becomes a Turaga, they do still retain a smidge of their elemental powers. For example, I've heard Vakama is able to use his fire staff to weld things together and light torches. Taipu, already good at digging, was just strong and acute enough to cause the area around him to cave in. How fortunate it is that he just happened to get where he was at that moment, right? Perhaps Mieli helped.

On another note, Ahkmou's simple "Maybe" was a BIG moment for me as I was writing this. I think it's for the best that, for once, he gives no clear, definitive answer that could so easily be another lie. You could say that one word, just that ONE little word hints at his character changing.

Well, that's it for now!

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Feedback is appreciated.
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FlameWhirlwind176Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I envy you're writing skills sir. I mean you took what most fans would just kind of haphazerdlydo and made it into a genuine story, and nto to mention give it seemingly it's own indenity

i often times have a hard time doing that espeacily with fan stories.. which is why i often avoid making them.
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Another great chapter. But just to mention, a super-helpful thing for anyone creating MU characters (if you've already seen it I apologize):…
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Brilliant as always! Another fav!
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dcaldwell101Hobbyist Artist
Talk about a close call