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Bionicle- Nova Orbis- Mystery- Chapter 5

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Introducing Tenius! A lot of people seemed to take a liking to this guy right away, so I was looking forward to him appearing in the story.

I know I went a bit overboard with the blur effects in the first illustration and some things are kinda hard to see, but that's kinda the point. I wanted this place to seem really busy, with dust and grit and hot air everywhere. I'd imagine such a place would be quite disorienting for someone who isn't used to being in that sort of environment.

So... in this chapter, the modern Matoran's biology is brought into question. Mata Nui's body is made of Protodermis. So is everything and everyone inside it. The oceans? Liquid Protodermis. The rocks and islands and buildings? Hard Protodermis. The people? Soft Protodermis. Yes, even the "flesh" of the old Matoran had Protodermis IN it. As they say, "Its the stuff of life."

The apparent lack of Protodermis on this new world could be a clue about the Matoran's evolution to their new, less synthetic bodies. There aren't that many Matoran around who are as reliant on Protodermis as, say, Ahkmou is. So because these Matoran have less Protodermis in their bodies, they're... well, they're more alive. They don't need it.

Also... apparently, Matoran are now capable of getting the hiccups. We knew they could cough before, but... this is a whole new level.

I hope Imber's made quite the impression on you guys, in this chapter.

I had fun playing around with the blurriness of those last few panels. I wanted to simulate how such a scene may play out if this were a movie or something, with the focus shifting from the radio to Ahkmou.

Well, that's it for now! Sorry Ahkmou didn't steal the show this time around, but, well, I wanted to focus on Calor. See you in two weeks, for part six.

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Feedback is appreciated.
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Is it just me, or does that last picture remind me of MAD MAX:Fury Road?
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Fury Road wasn't out when I made this chapter, but yeah, it kinda does.
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Oh that's right! It wasn't even announced at the time.

But yeah I started reading your Bionicle story a few days ago. I'm loving every minute of it. Keep it up!!!
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My favorite characters would have to be Ahkmou, Calor, and Tenius. I also like all of the other characters as well. I just love Ahkmou's mask and personality, Tenius' mask, and Calor in general. We haven't seen much of the other characters as of this issue, but I hope we will in the future.
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Don't worry, there's plenty more to see of all of them.
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I gotta say, my favorite soon to be toa so far is Calor. I mean yeah i like all the other matoran, but his character i really like. He's kind of like how i am, im not exactly a over baring type person, and i often care more about other people then myself.

though truth betold, if i was stuck in his situation, i'd probably be whining like a snarky bastard XD
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nice INFP INTP interaction between Calor and Tenius.
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InnodenceHobbyist General Artist
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I don't know what these acronyms mean.
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InnodenceHobbyist General Artist
it's a psychology thing. INTP/INFP are personality typings of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. It's actually some interesting stuff I recommend it.
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the stories really coming together good, i actualy find it a bit hilarious that we never see or hear any radios, walkman, or even any computers in the bionicle universe save for the massive screens in metru nui and the chroniclers book, wonder if they invented tumblr, also i actualy realized a few days ago concerning the prototype titan robot mata nui controled, it was actualy based off of the first CGI image of a prototype toa mata wearing what would be the mask of time i found out when i was searching deviantart and found this image… and if you look carefully you can see the ridges that make the mouth guard at the front and bottom 
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From the story, to the illustrations, to the dialogue, I think this is one of the best fan fictions ever!
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Very cool stuff, here. I think you defiantely pulled of the cinematic feel you mentioned (Also, for some reason, the 6th panel has become my favorite panel so far; Calor's expression, the lighting, and the moment it conveys are all so powerful, it's glorious)

Also, in the first panel, is that an Energon Snowcat in the backround, by any chance?
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Nope. Anyway, thanks. That's one of my favorites, too.
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The excitement never ends
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