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Bionicle- Nova Orbis- Mystery- Chapter 23

This chapter took a LONG time to throw together... yeesh. So many scenes, so many things happening at a lightning pace. I dunno if this is even gonna feel that rushed, it's just a super long chapter. But hey, now all that's left is the finale of this story arc.

Okay, so a coupla' things I want to address.

Yes, there is a recharge station. They didn't take Attra to it before, because it wasn't a priority.

The Crust-Buster's head (one of my favorite things about its design) Bionicle- Nova Orbis- What is it? by NickinAmerica is its own independent machine that's set to remove itself from the rest of it in case of an emergency... such as, say, if someone shuts the body down. In a better situation, it can still act as a second brain for the machine if need be, a second control center. It's also large enough to destroy entire cities by itself, and is more mobile than the rest of the machine.

I suck at drawing rings. Mata Nui, those look awful. Still, I felt the need to explain how there's any such thing as up or down in this place that can go in any direction. You could say there are many parts of the machine that can turn and move independently to adjust to the machine's position.

Are Attra and Noyra gone? They were only around for a little while, and we haven't really learned anything about the world from them that isn't purely anecdotal. Eh, we'll see.

I wanted to draw a panel showing the destruction of the Crust-Buster as Attra's Nova Blast crumpled it into a little ball, like a piece of paper... but I had so many other things to draw, I forgot. >shrugs<

And no, these "Dark Makers" are not the same ones from Jak 3. That's just what Ultio likes to call the Great Beings.

Next up, the final boss!

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Feedback is appreciated.
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Love how Lacerta just up and pulled a Predaking, but Ultio is REALLY starting to boil my oil!
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oh snap, that was awesome
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Absolutely awesome. Can't wait to see this "final boss" battle! :headbang: 
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My gods, that was awesome. Nova Blasts, excellent fight scenes, more of Calor developing, Ahkmou riding a dragon, hell yeah.