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Bionicle- Nova Orbis- Mystery- Chapter 19

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Things are getting crazier by the minute. Can the Toa make it to the Rogue's layer, or will they be buried for all time?

Geez, Imber has it rough. Just as her other shoulder finished healing up, too.

Speaking of which, this is undoubtedly the most violent chapter yet. Considering the Toa actually do kill a coupla' these creatures... I hope I haven't ruined them as characters, or suddenly made this story too, too dark. The Toa of old never killed unless it was absolutely necessary, and... well, I hope this falls into that category.

And yes, I know the proper spelling is "mechanical." The way it's spelled as a name, in this story, is just a tongue-in-cheek sort of thing. I've also made the Mechanicles look like Hero Factory 2.0 figures, just for fun. No, there is no Hero Factory in this story.

Well, that's it for today. Things have been slow this week, and I'm working on commissions in the meantime, but the next chapter should be out on Monday.

Also, I'm getting interviewed by TTV tonight. WOOOOOOOOOOT~

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I'm sure naming these creatures "Koala" in Hindi was unintentional? :D Also, you switch between referring to them as "they" or "it."
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Huh? Oh, it's a Latin word as well. Most of the names in this story are from the Latin language (and, sometimes, Finnish).
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0nukuStudent Traditional Artist
I love the references to the old story. Ahkmou's comment "Well, it wouldn't be the first time" cracked me up. :D It's great to see Tenius following in Takua's footsteps. Could he be an Av-Matoran too?! Sherlock Holmes

And one little thing you might fix. In the part with the Mechanicles, Uira said she was "getting any vibes from them." Probably "not getting any vibes," right?
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Whoops. Thanks for that. I'll fix it right away.
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Love the Mechanicles. Couldn't help but notice that they're CCBS while the others use the original system XD
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burnoutprime7Hobbyist General Artist
YAY AHKMOU XD I like ahkmou, I don't know why, just something about him that makes him kinda awesome

Oooh dead looking iron man thing XD I know it's meant to be something else but I couldn't resist

And those wolf things are cool, reminds me of the frost wolf I drew a little bit

Oh, good luck with that interview nick
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ToaArcanHobbyist Writer
I love how tense you're making these chapters.

I'm not bothered by the killing thing. Maybe it's because I've recently been part of a Bionicle RPG, and we were the worst Toa ever (Seriously, we spent half a session flailing ineptly at Stone Rats, yet the Rahkshi of Rahi Control that was behind the plague went down in two rounds). We spent some time debating how we were meant to use Plasma swords and Ice katanas in a non-lethal fashion. And then in the next session, I accidentally cut a guy in two. 
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Well the toa hordika have slayed possibly hundreds of visorahk in order of self preservation so the toa code is more so for those who can be reasoned with and who's instincts would not override compassion, when graalok the ash bear attacked Jaller and takua she did so to guard here territory and could be convinced other wise these animals were ordered to fight continued to pursue in violence regardless of the toa's intentions
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Good Luck!
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