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Bionicle- Nova Orbis- Mystery- Chapter 17

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So yeah... not as much going down in this chapter. Mostly talking about character mumbo jumbo. I just hope I didn't pile on so much of it that it gets boring for anyone. Silva's whole shpeal is loosely based on a conversation I've had in real life.

That's it for now. New chapter on Friday, maybe.

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I often come back to this chapter, solely because of Ahkmou's quote. I have Autism, so it's very hard for me when something deviates from its set agenda. I get overwhelmed, and I can't handle it... which is why I have that same quote on a sticky note on my desktop. I just wanted to know that you've made my life a hell easier, all through a line delivered by one of your characters. Thank you.
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GlenfoxxHobbyist General Artist
Even these quieter moments are interesting, and the characters never dull. I like how every one is growing character-wise and power-wise. And I never though of the Green element like that . . . but it makes perfect sense.
Also . . . I'm probably reading into it, but Mieli + Ahkmou looks like it could be a thing . . . just say'in.
I approve.
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I thought the conversations were excellent. But--
-Don't plants need light to produce oxygen anyway, meaning Silva couldn't have done anything useful in the cave even with full elemental control?
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Eh.... yeah, I may not've thought that through completely.

 As for Proto-Matoran... think of the proto-forms from Transformers. You'll see as we expand upon the nature of how the new generation  of Matoran came to be in a future story arc.
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Wow! Loved it! Even the character building stuff kept me really interested. Can't wait to see how they finally take down the stupid Crust-Buster... hopefully the island doesn't collapse.
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ToaArcanHobbyist Writer
I think it really speaks for how well-designed Ahkmou is that he looks badass in every possible pose so far.

And the storyline and character-building is coming along nicely.
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And yet another amazing chapter.
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