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Bionicle- Nova Orbis- Mystery- Chapter 14

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So... it would seem Ahkmou's may've had an unexpected run-in with one of the planet's other inhabitants... or at least a species he's not very familiar with. Same thing, I guess. More on that later, though. Much, much later.

I hope someone got a kick out of that "average J'oh" bit. It doesn't even mean anything in some other language. I just wanted to come up with something unremarkable-sounding to contrast all of the more elaborate, flowery names of these characters, and it just made the joke.

Some of you may remember seeing the burning reef in Toa Unda's bio.

As for Calor... yeah, now we start getting what he really meant to say, but wasn't willing to say to Banhi's face, when he said I didn't fit in" waaaaaay back at the beginning of the story. I understand if Calor isn't the most compelling of the Toa Novus (arguably, he's the most laid back out of all of them), but maybe this'll shed some light on his mostly non-confrontational demeanor.

Anyway, the next chapter is where things REALLY get moving.

That's it for today, though. Chapter 15 should be up on Monday, maybe Tuesday.

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it's the HF cuffs XD
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Uira and Calor are cute together
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Wow, a lot of neat stuff just happened! I REALLY loved Taipu in that scene there. I also liked Vesta, in a character-you-love-to-hate kind of way.
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You're REALLY gonna love today's chapter, then.
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Awesome as always, and J'oh was brilliant. =P
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I smell a rat when it comes to Vesta, he's unwilling to trust the Toa with anything and it seems like he's trying to manipulate Calor, I can't tell if the other Turaga are in on this too. Taipu seems to be acting a bit suspicious, but it comes off as nervous as opposed to manipulative. 
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As usual, I love it. And yes, I smiled at the J'oh. Also, Calor is actually quite a relatable character that you don't see often in protagonists. Characters like this can be boring, but you make him interesting and as unique as the others. What can I say? I'm excited where this is going, and the art gives the whole thing "Good Vibes".:) (Smile) 
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Now things are starting to get intense. The island's breaking, probably something to do with the earthquake, the Turaga know already (Either they have spies, or it's something to do with those monsters that were trying to stop the Toa becoming, well, Toa), and Ahkmou's met a new villain, but a reasonable one. But dayum, Vesta's unpleasant.
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