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Bionicle- Nova Orbis- Mystery- Chapter 11

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Hoooooooooooooooooh boy. This chapter was... quite eventful. Easily the biggest, yet.

On a side note... when working on Ahkmou in those last coupla panels, I couldn't help listening to music like this over and over again.…

For those who may be thinking "Why didn't the swimming Rahi attack them sooner?" Well, the thing took a while to catch up. It isn't as fast as Imber's boat, and it had to catch them all the way from Onu-Wahi. Plus, it's only semi-aquatic and can't survive underwater for too long or go that far down. Calor, "seeing things," was likely catching glimpses of the creature as it was coming up for air. If it attacked them in the storm, the stone may have been lost for good, so it waited until they found a better playing field, and... it still screwed up. Oh well.

And yeah, we finally get a look at these guys! The semi-aquatic Rahi has Vamprah wings for fins and its head mainly consists of barraki eyes on elephant trunk pieces, all attached to one of those 8-way hinge pieces, and the teeth are two rows of those big curved fang pieces you see on those chima ultrabuilds on Exo-Force robot minifig arms. Try building it, if you feel like it. As for the winged Rahi, is has Inika chest pieces for shoulder pads, a long row of Carapar plates on its stomach, and Ehlek's claws for a bottom jaw. That should give you some idea of how big it may be as an actual set.

And yes, Ahkmou said a bad word. Just imagine that, just imagine him saying "$#%^" or some such thing, immediately followed by the "oooooooooOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH" from the MNOG as things start moving around. The absurdity of it gets to me. XD

Anyway... yes... These Matoran do end up becoming Toa, as I'm sure many of you must have seen coming by now. And yes, Ahkmou himself has finally become a Toa, and, being the most ancient of the bunch, he is fittingly an Inika build clone and does not have all the crazy new pieces that most of the others evidently do. More importantly, he's a Toa of stone who IS ACTUALLY BROWN. YES. Just imagine getting all those pieces in reddish brown.

I don't think anybody saw Tenius being left out, though. Believe it or not, there is a reason for it, but... we'll get to that in the next chapter. I am pretty bummed out about it, though, because... well, I really like Tenius, and I'm sure you guys wanted to see him become a Toa, too. And I may as well say it now.... yes, he will become a Toa someday. However, it will not be in this story arc, sorry to say.

You see... I know Uira kinda came out of nowhere, but I ALWAYS intended for her to be a part of this Toa team. There are a lot of reasons for this, actually. This was partly because I wanted to have as many females in the group as there are males, but also because I wanted to mix up the elements a bit, with the usual Toa of air, ice and earth being replaced by Toa of plant life, psionics and lightning. I wanted there to be a character that was still colored like a Toa of ice, and... well, water and ice are pretty much the same thing. So are earth and stone. When Tenius becomes a member of his own Toa team in a future story arc, it will not include a Toa of stone, so Tenius will be more distinct. Why not simply have him be a part of this team, though? Well, I've been building up Ahkmou to a point where he's basically the main character now, and it would be a shame not to have him become a Toa after all the character development he's gone through.

The sad truth is, I NEVER intended for Tenius to be a part of this Toa team. He will have a role that makes him close to them, but I introduced him as one of the side characters, as one of these guys, remember?… I will introduce new waves of Matoran "sets" in the future, and some of them may become Toa someday, as well. It's just that I liked Tenius so much that he ended up being swept up and taken along for the ride, and now, he's such a big part of it that... sigh. Yeah, I may have screwed this up.

Uira didn't completely come out of nowhere, though. Since her first appearance in chapter 2, where she made quite the first impression of Calor, I've been foreshadowing her next appearance in little ways throughout the story, mainly by having the characters listen to her on the radio an' whatnot. It's just that by the time they went to Vo-Koro to meet her, their adventure was nearly done, and... yeah, I'm done making excuses. I'm sorry, guys. It makes me happy that you love this story, but... it's far from perfect. Believe it or not, there is a rhyme and reason behind most of this stuff that you will come to understand in time. But for now, I understand if it comes off as jerking the reader around.

As for Ahkmou... yeah, there will be an explanation for how he was able to become a Toa in spite of everything he's said, but that'll come at a later date. Right now, his job is just to look awesome.

On another note, I hope you like the new Toa designs. I'll be showing them off in a separate thing after I finish the next chapter. Yeah, I've been trying to throw you guys off with the bios for the Toa Miro (and there's still one more to go, come to think of it), even as this became the Matorans' story more than theirs. Something has gone seriously wrong behind the scenes, and now it's up to these new Toa to make things right.

So, when all is said and done... I hope you guys have enjoyed this chapter, in spite of some things in it that may be confusing.

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That's it for now.

Feedback is appreciated.
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Is Akhmou made of parts from the Toa Metru? Because it WOULD be fitting, I believe.
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
Sorta. I'd always figured Toa looked like the Metru most of the time, that this was the great beings' standard design for how Toa should typically look, with the Mata/Nuva and Inika/Mahri being very special cases.
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hafu, humble?! well I guess he mellowed out over time
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i would love to see how hafu went from "another hafu orinal" (stare at a statue of himself) to "the most humble toa of them all"
poor tenuis ah well his time will come
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This story is AMAZING!!!! Just as the new sets are coming out, I find out about this great piece of work!
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Oh... Go to Karzani, Hafu! You're giving me enough trouble in my own fan fic, and now this? :D
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FlameWhirlwind176Hobbyist Traditional Artist
oh hafu.. even in the end you never cease to make me laugh XD
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DoctorPlastasticHobbyist General Artist
Oh my gosh, that Hafu cameo. Totally unexpected. Totally hilarious. Well done.
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I love how you have Ahkmou physically different than the other Toa, it connects the original series to this one.  I love it!
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Avalaxy11Student Digital Artist
Being a Bionicle fan ever since I was very young, I couldn't help but physically smiling while reading the last part of this chapter.

I'm really loving this series.  Keep up the outstanding work!
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
Thank you. Let us partake in the iconic, traditional fist bump that we see them doing in the movies.

>fist bump<
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Avalaxy11Student Digital Artist
>fist bump<
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Yay Ahkmou! I can't believe I'm actually saying that. LOL
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can't wait to read what those rusty told turaga think of toa ahkmou.
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"they found an *altar*"

Awesome chapter! You handled it perfectly, and it didn't seem odd at all for Uira to become a Toa.
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TheICombaticonHobbyist General Artist
For some reason, this gave me a Power Rangers Zeo vibe...even if I've never seen a full episode of Zeo. (I'm not a Power Rangers guy; I mainly know the stuff from it through Linkara's retrospective of it)

But, yes; the Toa forms!

Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap (one for each Toa)

I wasn't sure how I'd feel if/when they became Toa, but now I'm in full support of it.
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
Yay, thanks. (BTW, love Linkara's HoPR)
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jakest123Hobbyist Digital Artist
I didn't expect one of them to be 'left behind' when they eventually became Toa, but it seems like the right decision. It makes it more 'realistic' in a way, and it'll be a good way to develop the relationship between the Toa and Tenius.

I wonder what the name for this Toa Team will be, considering the Toa Miro already exist. Maybe because they used Nova Stones, they could be the Toa Nova or something.
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They will be called Toa Novus. Nova sounds just a little too much like Nuva.
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