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Bionicle Nova Orbis Mystery Chapter 10

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>whew< This may be the longest chapter yet, and it's mostly dialog. I just had a lot of stuff I wanted to get out of the way in this one. I hope it doesn't feel rushed or overly expositive, though.

Piras is a really ambitious guy. Hopefully, we'll find out where that got him, someday.

Come to think of it, it is strange that the Su-Matoran are relegated to one of the worst parts of the island, that things just sort of worked out that way. Where's the sense in that? What possible reason could there be for it? Eh, we'll find out someday.

...Yeah, there's a lot of stuff I just can't tell you yet. Sorry.

Anyway, Ahkmou's flashback to waking up at the end of Time Trap is a big moment I've been waiting to get around to. It's one of my favorite Bionicle moments, and I've been looking forward to paying tribute to it. At first, I was going to do it when Ahkmou was in the cave in Su-Wahi, but decided to wait around a bit.

I also thought it would be fun to allude to him wanting to be a Toa, given that he almost became one in 2008.

I tried to give Calor enough moments of his own in this chapter not to be forgotten amongst the rest of the group. Now that the group is together (and still growing, but the looks of it), it isn't just HIS story anymore. He isn't the main protagonist any more than Tahu was in the good ol' days... but I guess I'm saying too much, now. Still, I just hope I haven't made him too bland or annoying or whatever. He, Mieli and so on represent the new, while Ahkmou represents the old.

Nonetheless, like any team in a Bionicle story, you could say that ALL of them, together, are "the" main character. We'll see how they gel together in time, as they uncover the mysteries of the world.

Once again, if anyone's curious about what sort of music Uira plays, it's something along these lines.… (minus the bit at the beginning)

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That's it for today!

Hopefully I'll have chapter 11 online by Tuesday. See you then.

Feedback is appreciated.
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Kaiborg101Hobbyist General Artist
Makuta! You will pay for what you did to me! (me) Tekan would you stop stealing my tablet!
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Sl33pdeprivedHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Ha I love her tell me bout ur self I make noise lol
Its like if anyone asked any one in deviantart to say about our selfs I scrible
I like her

How do you pronounce her name?
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I don't know. If I had to guess, "Wee-ra" or "Ooee-ra"
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You make the names, but don't know how to pronounce them... Okay. Megatron roll eyes 
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I didn't invent the name. It's latin.
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oh... So... you name characters after existing words? huh. That's like how Autobots like Jazz and Brawn got their names.
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In Bionicle's early years, they used words from the Maori language to name the characters. Tahu, Gali, Kopaka, those are all Maori words. Later on they did start to make up their own names, but when the setting shifted to Bara Magna, they gave most of those characters latin names. Malum's name literally translates to "Bad." It's kinda fun looking up names like Gelu and seeing what they actually mean. To create consistency, what with this story being a sequel, I continued that late trend of latin names.
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dcaldwell101Hobbyist Artist
This is pretty awesome
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Awesome story!
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Awesome chapter! But you misspelled Kadin, and I think at one point you refer to Makuta as "he or she."
I'm guessing it was intentional that the seven Matoran have the six main colors plus gold, right?
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Thanks for pointing that out. I got it mixed up with Calix, heh. I almost spelled it with a K, then thought, "Noooo, silly me! That's not how you spell it!"

"He said/she said" as in other people talking about him passive aggressively.

And yes.
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Oh, I get that part now.
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ToaArcanHobbyist Writer
Loving the way this is developing.

I think Ahkmou might be one of my favourite characters in the series now. I'm kinda hoping that he does become a Toa (Since we know that Uira does, IIRC).
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