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Bionicle- Nova Orbis- JtC- Chapter 2- Perspectives

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Journey to Caelum- Chapter Two- PerspectivesVoima's log-
8/10/6211 ~ 2/14/70,548 AF

I dove down to the Manibus, using air bladders and my power to move through shadows. I was able to find... well, lots of things, but most interestingly, I found some torn up pages of another person's diary. It appears to be Ferrum's diary that Venti mentioned. A lot of the pages were torn in half, or into more pieces, so some scraps are missing. Still, it's something.
From what I could piece together, she mostly complains. She expresses annoyance at Unda, making him a target for her frustrations because he's "a joke" and "has it coming." She calls him a creep once or twice and seems genuinely bothered by his very presence. Maybe he did something that rubbed her the wrong way. I don't care. Not that this excuses her behavior, but clearly, there was something.
After the first remains are recovered from the ocean, she seems to back off and acts indifferent to Unda. She's as interested in the find as everyone else, but she almost comple

This chapter is a little shorter than the last one. We hear things from a few more perspectives this time, but none of them have that much to tell us that Venti didn't already. As such, there aren't as many illustrations this time. Still, this and the next chapter were some of my favorites to write. Chapter 3 will take this story to new places... literally.

That's it for today.

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ToaArcanHobbyist Writer
I'm loving the sense of mystery and intrigue that's being constructed around these events. Having Voima come across the scraps and remains of the Manibus and the things its occupants left behind is an excellent way of handling it. 

Calling Ferrum "troubled" is a bit of an understatement, though. Meanwhile, Zyvys continues to be the most mysterious thing around. He's been an enigma since we were introduced to him by that initial image. The idea that he is a traitor only adds to this.

Is Voima actually a Kra-Skakdi, or is her shadow-movement power of another source?