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Bionicle- Nova Orbis- Journey to Caelum- Chapter 1

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There's the preview images, here's the chapter itself.
Journey to Caelum- Chapter One- First CasualtiesVoima's Log-
It is the 9th day of the 8th of ten months in the 6122rd year since the Matoran reset their calendar. The date on Caelum's calendar is the 13th day of the 2nd of eleven months, of the year 70,548 AF (After Fall). I will do my best to include the dates of both calendars in the records I have compiled.
Last year (by both calendars), The Toa Miro set out from Miro Nui to discover other lands. That was the pretense, anyway. I have recovered the diary of their leader, Toa Piras, along with some other diaries belonging to various members of the crew. Cracking it was no simple task. Piras did not want anyone else reading it, at least not until the voyage was over. However, after reading the first few entries, it is clear to me that Piras knew well before the voyage began that there are other populated lands. My guess is he did not want to "discover" the planet's other inhabitants so much as confront them personally, and he pulled all of this together just for the chance to

Hopefully this format will make things easier on myself and viewers in the future.

One of my favorite things about Amnesia- The Dark Descent is picking up Daniel's journal entries, along with writings from various other characters written down over hundreds of years, and piecing together this big layered mystery. It's really gripping stuff, and I was always on the lookout for more journals.

This is the feel I'm going to give the first few chapters of this story. It's mostly going to be Voima recovering various accounts of the Manibus' last days (Venti's is the longest and most fleshed out), piecing together what happened, and then we'll move on to see where the Toa Miro and the Matoran have ended up.

That's it for today! Enjoy.

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Journey to Caelum >>…

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Feedback is appreciated.
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ToaChronixHobbyist Artist
Maybe I'm just doing a stupid here, but how does one read this new format? From what I can tell we read the text and look at the images separately, so how do we know when to look at each image? Won't we accidentally 'spoil' ourselves by looking at the ones below before we're supposed to? 
I'm a bit confused.
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Yeah, sorry, the illustrations are sort of like a commercial for the story content. The old format is just too exhausting to keep doing while I also work on other things. Plus, it's easier for me to correct mistakes in this new format.
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hell yeah nova orbis is back, I am so intrigued by Voima
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I honestly liked the other format better. It would also make it easier, I think, if the text was also available in the description. Or what if you could make these into PDFs, where you include the images, with the text underneath them, in the PDF itself?
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I've considered pdfs, but it seemed like more trouble than it's worth. I think I'll stick to this format, since it's been pretty positively received, overall. Easier to load on smartphones and such.
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TheICombaticonHobbyist General Artist
At first I wasn't sure how this new format would turn out, but actually really ok with how you're doing it.

Granted, my way of reading it is feeding the text through speakonia so I can see the pics as they occur in the story and also do other things at the same time, so...perhaps my experience won't be as succesful for others as it was for me

Otherwise, good stuff, very excellent way to bring this back.
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YAS Nova Orbis hath returned 
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Great return to your fanmade Bionicle story, but one question, it this still consider year 2 in the grand scheme of things?
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No. I was going to save this for the third year either way.
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Alright, thanks for clearing that up for me.
This voima intrigues me
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ToaArcanHobbyist Writer
Great to see Nova Orbis back. And already getting into the characterization. It seems Piras was already a bit of a jerk before he left, which hadn't been conveyed before due to the perspective being from people who only really encountered him in passing. Now that we see him from the perspective of his colleague, we're getting a closer look at the man behind the Kanohi, the non-public face. 

It's also becoming a bit clearer that maybe there's more to the Toa Miro's current state than just brainwashing- Some of them seem to be rather lacking in moral fiber.
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