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Bionicle- Nova Orbis- Journey- Chapter 4- Gunpoint

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This has taken quite a turn... Journey to Caelum- Chapter Four- GunpointFor hours, Piras sat perfectly still, inches away from the barrier. Taking what Vezon said about microscopic holes that allowed air flow, he focused intensely, "listening" for the air. Being a Toa of fire, he could not do anything to control the air, but he could feel the drafts, places for fire to be swayed and pulled and carried by. He closed his eyes, and reached to the outside, calling to his element, for fire to come through to his side.
Sparks flew from either side of the barrier. Piras was startled by the flash, but it was close enough to the results he was looking for to make him smile. Even in his severely de-powered state, he could still touch the outside.
His smile faded when he heard footsteps coming from the left. Two figures approached him. It was the Venators. He knew not their other names, but he recognized their colors and armor. Doing battle with them was the last thing he remembered before waking up in his cell.
"What do you think you're doing?" asked the taller one

Rest assured, this is pretty much as violent as this series is ever going to get. Throwing Vezon into the mix has shaken things up.

That's it for today. Discuss!

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Commission- Weiss and Kopaka by NickinAmerica Kopaka and Weiss again by NickinAmerica Commission- Big Bot is mad by NickinAmerica Commission- So Tahu walks into a bar by NickinAmerica :thumb621409034:

Feedback is appreciated.
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oh vezon, I guess over the years you've learned a little compassion to help out piras like this
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ToaArcanHobbyist Writer
Vezon is quickly becoming a real delight. The sound of his voice is really evident from the way you wrote it.

Just a heads-up, in the scene with the Miro, it says that Unda and 'Sein' aren't present right before Sein speaks. I think the other missing Toa is meant to be Piras, right?
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Whoops! Thanks.
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It will be interesting to see how you play out Vezon's insanity further.
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Face planting a laserfield...thats Vezon for you XD
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steamdieselStudent Artist
Holy crap!  Vezon is INSANE!  :O
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It just occurred to me that "Freak of The Week" may be a more fitting song for him than for Ahkmou.
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steamdieselStudent Artist
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