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Bionicle- N.O.- Mystery of the Toa Miro- Prologue

I've submitted this to the comics category because... Well, I just don't know where else to put this. :(

Chapter One >>…

Bionicle- Nova Orbis gallery >>…

Anyway... it isn't much, but hey, it's my first go at telling a story with this style.

Really, though... considering I can write an entire chapter in a day if I have the time for it, and it only took me, like, two and a half sheets of pager to tell what would've eaten up, like, 7 pages on an actual comic... I might be on to something, with this.

Anyway... I hope you enjoy this first taste of what's in store.

Feedback is appreciated.
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Man I cannot read any of the text in orange

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Hey I just started read this and the intro is beautifully done right. Also I saw your Bionicle rewind video love it.

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this is just like a light novel
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This is exactly the answer I was looking for in context of their being a continuation to the history of the bionicle universe, the world melding idea is absolutely genius! I look forward to piecing together a more noob-friendly history of bionicle, ending with the beginning to this story. I honestly hated to learn that the bionicle universes story, in cannon, ended in only darkness and despair, no hope for a future, but this story completely changes that, it acts as a sort of restart for a universe that had been broken, but if the great beings are gone, who do they have to look to for guidance? Maybe they learn to live as they will, or maybe, could other beings rise to power?
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How have I not heard about this? You clearly put a ton of effort into this. One bionicle fan to another, I am glad love letters like this exist.

Can't wait to read more
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Only after reading this a second time do I notice one of those little carvings looks a little like a Protector mask... but this was before the 2015 sets were even leaked, right?
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Also i have advise for you as well
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I just would rather do skype if you have it.
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i sent the request id like to call rather than message its easier 
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I would like to do some art for you. You have Inspired me to want to do art for Bionicle.
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All right, then. Don't let me stop you.
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Good so far. Its also a nice twist with having a fusion of a comic and a story.
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The story im still reading so far is awesome but what keeps getin me is the white bits and the gaps in the art the stick out soo much thats my only gripe hope its fixed in others found out from ttv
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
Sorry. That's just what happens when you use a pencil.
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ikr and r u still working on that story
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
Yes. Just taking a break from it.
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Guna bing it at some point
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nice Gali and Takanuva cameo, sneaky sneaky.

Im really liking Toa Piras, he seems like a cool guy
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I'm enjoying this so far. Onto the next chapter!
I'll admit, I'm curious. You've got that writerly knack for ending each page with something that makes the reader crave the next.
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