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BB- Kane-Ra color ref.

I did my best to save this this from being just a recolor of Muaka. They are two different creatures, after all.

Lookit how happy he is to see yoooou!!!! :)

You know, it doesn't end here. I'll inevitably show all sorts of wild Rahi in the comic, not just these guys. Husi, Fikou, Maha, Kewa, Kofu-Jaga, Nui-Kopen, Lava Eels, Ussal Crabs, all sorts of critters! And I'll color all of them, too. Yaaaay.

Comments are appreciated.
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Now this is a Bull. You know, I've always wondered if the Kane Ra and Mata Nui cow (or Mukau) are of the same species, in a male and female kinda sense, or just closely related rahi.
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Well he's clearly an ugly brute then...
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I like bulls so this one makes me happy ^^
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haha wow I just faved every single one of these that appeared in my inbox, including recolors. How fucktarded of me. You going to draw the giant rat that comes when you combine this set with the Muaka?

And I like how the infected Kanohi are integrated.
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
Yes I will. In fact, I'll draw lots of other Rahi re-designs when the time comes and I reach a point in the comic where they could appear, lots of 'em critters.
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Neat, you made it a bull instead of a tiger.
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Well, he already was. Muaka and Kane-Ra aren't the same species, or even two sub species. I just did what I could to make the differences between these two behemoths more pronounced than the toys did.
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I know all they were, were just the same set with deferent colored skin/armor XD
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Were you reading Comic 2 and 3?
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I don't know, but the colors of the Muaka and Kane-Ra in those comics were switched.
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Uggg,Its been so long since I'v read any Bionicle comic its hard to remember XD
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