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$60 Commish- Knights of the New Century, Angloman

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$10 for each character, including the mech. The two busts in the background were basically free. They were just practice sketches that I liked so much, I didn't want to waste them, so I threw them in after the fact.

The costumer who asked and paid for this does not wish to have their username disclosed.

Anyway, he's a guy from the UK who, as you can see, wanted a British-themed team of rangers. I've gotta say, designing the outfits and the mecha were really fun.

So yeah, this was a biggun.

Here's a closer look at the mech. >> Knight of The New Century by NickinAmerica

That's it for today. Shadow of The Devilman should return tomorrow.

Commissions are always open.
$20 Commission- Liatris for TheLordTaxus by NickinAmerica Commission- Luna n' Mike- For Daren-Blackfang by NickinAmerica $20 Commission- Liatris for TheLordTaxus (2) clean by NickinAmerica

Feedback is appreciated.
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This is awesome 
ever heard of sxfantasy ray force 
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Epaulettes are cool. :)
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Really creative ideas! The only problem is that the yellow ranger's buckle symbol looks pretty faint.
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Seriously cool work man, I've often thought knight themed power rangers would be pretty awesome, great designs for them
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Ooooh very nice

They almost remind me of super Megaforce/gokaiger a little bit XD the robot is awesome too.

I have my own team of rangers, spartans XD because why not? Lol

Nice work as usual nick :)
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Yeah, 'cept these are kind of an inverted take on those outfits. The parts that were emphasized by the Gokaiger uniforms are a bit underplayed here, and vice versa. These are made to look more like a British soldier's uniform.
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I can see that in some ways, thinking of it now, it dose kinda work for them :)
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