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Itch is having a "creator day" where creators like me get to keep 100% of what we make from sales (usually my cut is about 70%). If you were considering getting the Planet Ripple digitally through Itch instead of Kindle I would really appreciate it, especially today.
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Now you can get the print and kindle versions on Amazon, or get a PDF through Itch. Keep in mind, this is the longest book so far. The first was only 150 pages. This is about 190. Naturally, I had to raise the price a bit. Just two dollars, though. But remember! If you want a signed copy, you can upgrade your Patreon tier to $50. I went aaaallll out with this one. It's not the end of the series, more like a season 1 finale... But it is the end of some current arcs, the last book where the pirates are still the major threat to global stability. As for Minnow, she'll have to ask uncomfortable questions and reconcile things about herself, her trauma, and her world. Pulling no punches this time! Enjoy! Link to print and Kindle version on Amazon Link to Itch
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Yes, stranger than "Dank Themes." If you think you know where this one is going, trust me.... you do not. Enjoy this conclusion to the Lego Rewind April Fools Trilogy! And remember, you can see videos like this a week or so early on my Patreon page. I have two more videos coming out this month.
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Permission to draw your infamous spider man redesigns in an artstyle of mine and take inspiration from the story and designs?

I'm gonna be real honest: The new design for Samus in the upcoming Metroid game looks ALOT like the design you made in your Metroid comic years ago. Maybe it's just the color scheme, but I can't ignore the resemblance lol.

Have you ever heard of a video game called Subnautica?

Did you hear that the sequel is out of early access?

Hey, just so we're clear, I didn't ask this for a joke or to be condescending or anything. I really didn't know whether or not you'd heard of the series since, when I think of you and video games, I think Metriod or Sonic. How silly you must have thought I felt re-watching your 2020 Lego Rewind Recap, only to hear you name drop Subnautica before the half-way mark! In all seriousness, I am sorry if my question came off as patronizing. It's entirely my fault for phrasing it like that.

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Hey I don't if you about this or not but can I ask you something?