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I got one more anthology to go with the editing and getting it ready by Christmas,  Class In Session, will be ready on Christmas Eve and the magazine will be done by weeks end.  I am just getting some last minute entries on there.   I got the cover done already and it was a picture I took when I was in Joliet with my uncle when they were getting ready to close a truck stop along route 30.   I am using a crop of that picture of the big rig for the cover and believe me this is going to look pretty damn cool when I get done with it.  I did get a lot of submissions in the duration of doing Tabloid Purposes IV,  Ethereal Gazette:  Issue Six,  Class In Session, and the promotional anthology project.   
     I am almost done with the magazine, and when I finish Class in Session I am going to take a well deserved break from editing anthologies until about February, because that will start the next submission season and guidelines for issue seven are already posted via  Some of the pictures I took on the way home will be featured in the mag too -- some rat rods here and there.  I am trying to incorperate a character in a story where he drove around in a rat rod on the new story I am working on.  That story is now 9,700 words.    I am doing some of the photography on Issue Six again, and believe me I got some killer photos for this thing.  
     I am going to have something cool going here when it is all finished up and done.   I managed to get a story I wrote placed in Darkened Horizons: Issue 3.   I got my pdf copy recently of the anthology and this thing flat out rocks for an exposure print mag.   I am going to be doing more paying and 4theluv showcases too -- I am publishing both on Lake Fossil Press.  The first 4theluv anthology is out there now and available for purchase.   The general public will have access to the A5 size paperback but the promoters will have access to the 6 x 9 link so they can grab up copies for giveaway at their respective events.   I sell them for less than $10.00 priced to move for a 239 page anthology on the A5 size and it is 207 pages on a six by nine edition (give or take the same size as New England Ghosts.)   
     The 6 x 9 edition of the anthology will also be available for giveaway to the Goth Community on LiveJournal too.    See the entry posted on December 15, 2007,  and yeah I am getting addicted to the whole vlogging deal.  Back in August I wanted to do the vlog thing and actually do live video -- that was something I had the idea to toy around with when I was living in the apartment at the time and yeah I didn't have the good video camera yet (and even if I have a camera that is $100.  This is in rebuttal to the loser who posts on   I am busting my ass on getting the new stories done and with the issue of the magazine as it should be out by the end of the week.   Give or take.   I am trying to get my hands on the print version of the anthology that has Damnation Observes  -- the editor did a good job with the project and the writers I am in good company with are some highly talented individuals.
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