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Editor: Nickolaus Pacione

What I am looking for here? I want Gothic Horror stories and Literary fiction with dark themes behind them, but there is a catch. Refrain from writing any sex scenes, try to keep the violent content to a PG-13 level, and if you want to swear don't go overboard (this is for an education setting and I am donating these personally to the high school libraries. True kids these days might use the f-bomb, but don't pull anything that will get the book banned from the school.) This anthology the copies will be donated to schools in DuPage County, Lake, and Cook Counties in Illinois. Any proceeds to this anthology will get more copies of the book and other books to donate to the schools in the area.

Payment for this anthology will be a PDF copy of the anthology and it won't be public on (but it will be published there. This thing will have an ISBN on it so people can search it in libraries eventually. I am trying to make POD anthologies more accessible to the public.) so that means when I get it published only I will have the access to get the print copies as needed for the schools Since many school students are getting into horror on a larger level now, I want to do something that does have Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark in mind. Think Alvin Schwartz and H.P. Lovecraft then you got the idea – not quite the jump horror story, but eerie enough for them to keep reading the story until the end knew some about this project when I finished up Tabloid Purposes IV and this one is more as soon as I get the stories to fill 200 pages (I want less stories but longer ones here. 4000-8000 words.) I am not doing a Tabloid Purposes here or a Ethereal Gazette, but this is an entirely different entity and will have its own nasty elements. I will consider bizarro fiction as long as it is written clean ( I am talking PG rated bizarro fiction.) This project doesn't have a title yet so when it is finished I will let the line up choose the title – this is the tradition with Tabloid Purposes II when the line up designed the cover.

I want the Gothic Fiction extremely realistic, and the Literary Fiction to be able to hold up against the Gothic stories. Make your characters Goth, Metal, Normal, or Punk (better yet any combination of them,) but no Alt. Romance stories, romance, or erotica of any kind. Make it believable. If you want an idea in what I want as far as the story think Ghosts In The Tornado published in Insomnia Magazine (July / August 2006.) This story will be in the anthology accompanying the other ones plus two public domain horror stories in the relative range of the stories published in this project. Your reading assignment before considering doing a submission to this project – you must have read Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark or old enough to remember the book. I want to do this project for a younger generation of readers but at the same time smart enough to keep older readers engaged with the teenagers to discuss what they've read in a educational setting.

The size of the anthology when it is said and done will be 6.14 x 9.21 as a trade paperback. Please have your stories proofread of grammar before you send them. If I see a story that's less than 4000 (ie 3800 to 3900 words, fine.) This thing won't be easy to pull off, but I've seen authors pull the impossible off. Engage the reader. Make them think – be extremely thought provoking but don't be too brainy. Christian writers will have a very strong chance of being considered for this project as long their story isn't preachy and they don't mind being in with stories that use dangerous words (swearing) as they describe it. I want stories in a MS Word .Doc format or an open office document. If they can do a story that can scare with the rest of the stories in the anthology then they will have a strong slot. I am looking to fill this thing with as many 6000 word beasts as possible so that gives you something to work with and shoot for -- how fast can you send them?

Keep a close eye on this community for more details about the anthology as it unfolds -- those of you who were looking for some guidelines for a larger anthology, but this has a shorter submission window meaning I am looking to fill this as fast as possible. This won't be a Ethereal Gazette either but it will be something that I want to get out there to the schools in the Lombard and Glen Ellyn, Illinois, area.

Some of you national writers wanting to be in issue six of the magazine -- I am saving the national and international submissions for issue seven.  Issue Six is the local author showcase issue.   I am donating copies of this particular finished anthology to a few local schools and libraries in the area when I get done with it. Any artrists who are featured in DA would like to see their artwork showcased on the cover of this one let me know because I am waiting for the stories to get back to me before I proceed.
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As soon as possible, but I am trying to go more with authors who are in my peer bracket with this one. I want to makes sure most of the authors were born 1974-1976 with this project. The more from my area the better too because I wanted my high school to see others who they produced. I got a lot of South American authors this time around.
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I'm sorry, I missed it if it was in the entry, but when do you want these by, Nick?