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i'm nikku okami ^_^
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My Bio

hello im not new on deviant art this my second account my first deviantart account is nikkusamagothique20 nikkusamagothique20.deviantart… but i deactivated im here to post my first drawing & my first fan art soon and my real name is just nick but i like to be called nikku okami and i'm a mexican american that is interest in anime furry fandom animegao kigurumi my little pony littlest pet shop

you could find me on pixiv






i'm straight or heterosexual i don't against people with different type of sexual orientation

and also im not mean i don't tolerate mean people and you could watch me as a friend if you want and i do respect everyone and respect me too. and i also i respect transgender or transsexual people & intersex people i'm not mean to them like i say i don't tolerate mean people and like i say i respect every one and respect me too





:visual kei

:gothic lolita

:furry fandom

:babyfurs- i'm not a babyfurs but i like babyfurs art it look so cute but someday i might attempt draw babyfur arts or characters like i say i'm a beginner drawer

: animegao kigurumi

:littlest pet shop

: my little pony

: rubber hose animation

: cub clean only or sfw

:folk music

:all kind of rock and metal

:learn to play guitar some day

:wannabe artist

:wannabe animegao kigurumi cosplayer

: cartoons


: psychobilly


: punkabilly





:cub porn

:scat fetish


:fat fetish

:fart fetish





:Urolagnia or omorashi or pee fetish

:messy diaper



:hypnotism fetish


:Hypertrophilia or hyper for short

: pregnancy fetish



:mean people



: pedophilia

: ruby gloom

: racism

: south park

: family guy

: american dad

: extremism or Fundamentalism from people who are religious and non-religious

: headless fetish i think is weird i believe is really psychopathic interest



:black jesus a messed up tv show from adult swim

Favourite Movies
avatar the fifth element fantastic mr fox gisaku
Favourite TV Shows
my little pony friendship is magic littlest pet shop kiddy grade please twins planetes witchblade
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
dir en grey asagi Versailles lin katatonia lacuna-coil paradise lost
Other Interests
kigurumi furry fandom anime manga gothic lolita visual kei j-rock korean rock mongolian music
i found on youtube the minimighty kids dubbed in modern Hebrew only i found episode 47 and episode 70 one is superlisp here this link and other one is superliar here another link i hope you guys like it :)
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my view incest in art is disgusting and repugnant and i view fictional blood siblings still considered family even half sibling step sibling adoptive  siblings still considered family and i also view fictional blood cousin still considered family and also non-blood related cousin still family and also fictional parent's and their children and adoptive children still considered family and i view pincest loudcest elsa x anna  twilight sparkle x Shining Armor ect. disgusting even is still art or drawing i view as stupidity i view incest as taboo unnatural and immoral to religious and non-religious people   if peoples  like to draw incest c
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hi does anybody planing to do request is the request open or planing next month because  i feel i need art request drawing to do for me :)
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