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My work spans over several categories, and my latest additions never represent more than one or two. To get a better idea, please check all the gallery folders... If you like what you see and tell me about it, you will add good karma to the universe, and if you don't like what you see and honestly tell me why, you will add even more good karma. So whatever you think, please let me know.


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My favorites are a selection of works that I connect with instinctually, inspire me, and make me quite jealous... all my favorites are setting a standard that, in my opinion, humbles me greatly - and I put them on a pedestal - to be worshiped.


by Aisii

I am probably ill suited to critique this or any of your work, as I am way way too subjective, trigger happy to adore the ground your feet touch... But I am not going to pass this opportunity to interact with you, even through this exchange. On a serious and more relevant note there is a lot to be s...

Before getting to the nitty gritty it is important for me to note that I am expressing my personal response, and this is not meant as learned or objective judgement. Your work is so refined and meticulously detailed to perfection, and there's nothing beyond this that I could say about your technique...

by XRlS

This work, like most of your other work, clearly attests to your passion and the love you have towards what you do. Such clear evidence of passion and love are extremely attractive by themselves, but more than that, it is inspiring, encouraging and promote a slew of good feelings. Coupled with true ...

Offering personal point of view to help artists understand what their work does to me.



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Nick Moscovitz
Artist | Professional | Design & Interfaces
United States
All my drawing work here is done by hand with traditional tools on paper - THEN scanned or photographed and enhanced digitally using Photoshop and other digital filtering tools. The digital application is mostly to boost/recolor saturation as well as to create collages and altered layouts. Thus, most of the latest versions of the portraits here are in fact compositions created from at least 2 images of one drawing. In my opinion it still qualifies as traditional work as opposed to digital - but you can call it as you wish.

Follow me on Instagram - Born in Israel, Studied Graphic Design in European Tradition, emigrated to NYC 1980, freelance Graphic Designer and Art Director since then.

I have been drawing portraits all my life. Literally. With some long breaks here and there. At some point, In Tel-Aviv, while sitting in a city park sketching fast portraits for small change (circa 1974), I was approached by a prominent, popular singer who I recognized immediately of course, and he told me, after watching me for a few minutes, and asking how much I charge, that I should charge exactly 20 times more. (I was charging an equivalent of $5 - so he suggested I should charge a $100) - I did. and within 6 months I made A LOT of money, which I lost as fast making a stupid business move.

Since then I knew that I was not a businessman, but rather an artist... So I went to study graphic design. But portraits remain and still are my true passion. I used to try to be as anal and detailed as any of the hyper-realists around here, I have created some magical pieces which won the accolades of many, these were to time consuming, and did nothing to my spirit. My style today is rather sloppy in comparison, but I LOVE IT. I draw very fast, and I don't care at all to finish - in the majority of the cases I achieve reasonable likeness, and when that happens, I am experiencing a high. Other times, when I don't get it right, I just as easy give up and begin anew... I am done with a drawing when I feel it is GOOD ENOUGH for me... I find this determination is not only correct and satisfying, bat also important in preventing me from overdoing my work. It usually works in my favor. I have done well over 3000 portraits, I am sure, and most of them in the last 5 years... I discovered the pleasure of MICRON pens, and Brown Kraft Paper, and since then I cannot stop. almost all my latest portraits are drawn inside ring-bound Brown Kraft stock - and they will stay there as books. Some of the colored portraits here were colored digitally. others with KaranDache and Prismacolor pencils. My favorite artist is Michelangelo and his contemporaries, and I opt to draw like them... one can dream... Whenever I draw I feel connected to some kind of spiritual comforting power, that I like to think of as the spirit of these masters, and I feel close to their greatness, and it fills me with peace. it's fun, really, that I am able to draw so much pleasure this way. Don't get me wrong, I have had quite an interesting life in other aspects of life, including fun, if you catch my drift...

I doodle like a lunatic. When I doodle, I have no rules whatsoever. I just explode with whatever comes out. Sometime I look at what I did and wonder whether it was me... Many times I doodle without looking at the work for long periods, and I am amazed to see that my shapes, the shading, the colors etc, sometime make more sense than if I did monitor my hands...

Hey, I collect faces... send me yours and if you ask me - I may draw your portrait... No charge...

I also like to conceptualize, design images, graphics for branding, marketing, and education, to write, to play my guitar, to sing (no one hears) and to listen to music and audio books... because this way I can still doodle and draw while listening...

I also managed to grab a crazy website domain name... get this: - cool huh? don't expect to find much there, but it will happen soon.

Ask me anything.
Understanding the Work In Progress (WIP) Posts:

1. Accommodating popular demand to see the progress is adding a lot more work... Duh! however - it is immensly satisfying to see the responses. Many of my followers do not post their comments but are being very vocal in the chats - I say - the more open the better - but each to his/her own...

2. All WIP images are taken with my iPhone - and are purposely of lower resolution

3. All WIP images contain either a pen, pencil or my hands - to provide size reference, and indicate that the image is not of the final stage.

4. Final images are scanned carefully in very high resolution - and cleaned up digitally. In some instances the coloring is applied digitally and others remained untouched. 

5. The original drawings are kept in the drwaing pads as books - and believe me - these books are, as I realized just recently, SPECTACULAR to look at. (I have entire long shelf with 16 books which amount to about 800 single portraits, ) and many more is loose pages. This is quite a treasure... 

Thanks for listening...
And good night from Manhattan 
(Boy, I love rubbing it in...)


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Hi! Do you take request?
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Great gallery! Love your own style of drawing.
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How sweet of you - thanks
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Hey Nick, I just love your work, the collection of faces and especially the doodles.
Cheers, Peter
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You are very kind - I will check out your work attentively
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Your drawings are amazing - I can only hope that, one day, I'll be as good as you :)
I really love how you do the light and shade, and the hair detail is incredible
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Thanks for the watch Nick! :hug:

BTW, I'm currently offering commissions; if you're curious you can take a peek here! ;D :heart:
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I love your technique :) What type of pencils and paper u use? 
Keep up the great work and i'm sure soon u will have much more than 16 books on ur shelf - wchich i wish you from the bottom of my heart. 
Greetings from Poland.
NickMoscovitz Featured By Owner May 10, 2015  Professional Interface Designer
Thank you so much for your supportive comment. so kind of you.
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thank you for adding me to your watch! Dance! great artwork!
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Even if youre not interested, could you please just let me know what you think?
Thank you!! :D
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