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Wow, lookie here....I finally sat down and drew something. This was a request from ma boy Dinalfos5. For those outside the know, this kaiju is known as Gigan. Actually a pretty cool monster, Gigan was unfortunetly kinda written off in the early 1970's. A space monster from Hunter Nebula M (? help me out here bro), he actually took it to the Big G in Godzilla vs. Gigan(1972). He came back the next year in G vs. Megalon and got his ass handed to him. Since then, Gigan has dissappeard from the Toho radar. He came back in a big way in Godzilla: Final Wars(2004), and this pic is more or less the design from that movie.

Sorry for the plastering of the name at the bottom of the pic, but I've heard of a lot of theft here on DA, so hence the line at the bottom. So...don't be stealin' my shit!
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