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The Godfather of Gore
GWAR still rules the universe!!! Blothar is damn good....... Oderus Urungus R.I.P.
Peanuts movie is really good.
The future is finally here and it sucks. Biff rules and Lorraine is hot in 1955. 
Inside Out and Ant Man are great movies! 

Thought I'd write a useless journal entry again.
The Icelandic Phallological Museum
The greatest makeup artist.
Fuck heroin.
Listen to GWAR or Oderus will jam a sword up your ass!
I do not remember watching the original cartoons, so my opinion is strictly based on the movie. 
I do not use awesome lightly.     ......and Charlie is in it!  (from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia of course)
Listen to your favorite album and let it destroy you!   Debate is fun, but it's not the point.
Listen to the last true rock n roller and let him shit in your brain.