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i'm officially retiring from Deviantart! i'm simplifying my social media in 2016 and Deviantart is getting the cut.

Boots by nickmarino

you can still keep up with me on Twitter and Facebook and my site

thanks for being internet buddies with me! see ya round, amigas.

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aww what?
I'm not gonna pretend like I understand. but I respect your decision totally.
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I don't blame you. I don't have too much social media presence, but even I feel like clipping a few here and there.

See ya around on Twitter, dude!
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Whaaa??? But seriously.. totally understandable and glad you're not going offline entirely.

See ya around the inter-web Dude!
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aww...sorry to see you go on here, but it's understandable since this website as been kind of dead lately.
but at least I will still be able to follow you on facebook. :)