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delicious gatorade spider-man

By nickmarino
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i stole this drawing (…   ) from JaredCatherine and i fucked it up
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What's up with you and mainstream superheros this week? ;P

Though, I have to say.. the colors definitely improve Spidey's look!  I would LOVE to see Marvel do a whole Spiderman series with this color scheme. (I'm serious!)
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good question... it's probably because i'm working on this story that's a superhero parody and i've got the characters on my brain.

and hahahahaha what about a crossover event where all of the characters get neon costumes?!?!? imagine the action figures and t-shirts they could sell with that!
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That would be AWEsome!  I would actually consider buying some of that neon merch :D

Somehow I doubt they would do it though.  They're too busy making covers of Spider-butts and Wonder-OMG-How-Can-She-Walk-In-Those-Heels-Woman.