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Stick Cats no. 3

Ehhhh I'm feeling kinda lazy today and I don't wanna type up a "our story this far" kind of thing, so here's the previous strip -- Stick Cats #2 [link] -- just go read that and get caught up if you missed it.
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i like how the city looks like a bunch of cat furniture/cat posts.
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NICE!!! I'm glad you picked up on that :)

Before I started drawing the city, I asked Justique what it should look like, and she said "a bunch of towers with round platforms at the top" and I immediately flashed back to when I used to work freelance giving out dog food samples at pet stores. At the time, I was developing a comic called Isaac Assmuff presents: Muffbot 2k7 (which I'm still developing, BTW, just under a slightly altered name... but you already know that anyway cause I showed you the muffbot sketch not that long ago). I had to stare at these cat posts all day and I was inspired to design the architecture on Planet Muff in that cat post style.

I explained my flashback to Justique as I was about to sketch out the first panel, and she was like "why don't you do that for Kittyopolis?" and so I did!