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Poop Lantern

By nickmarino
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It's Green Lantern... on the crapper!!! I mean, c'mon, what would YOU do if you were stuck out in space and you really had to drop one? You'd make your own toilet, that's what!!! At least, I know that's what I did when I had the Power Ring...
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talking about being handy in the woods does he have tp
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Nah, no TP. It's one of those Japanese toilets that washes your butt for you.
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hahaha, awesome. is his dump a green ring-made poop? if not what happens to the poop when he finishes and the toilet goes back into the ring or whatever? does it take the poop with it? where does the toilet flush to? did he set up an entire Lantern-Ring-made plumbing system that taps into the nearest sewage plant?
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I know it's real poop and not ring poop, but you'd have to him what happens to it. But from what I'm guessing, his pulls the energy back into the ring and leaves his poop floating out in the middle of space.