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A new series launched on the AudioShocker today: Podcast Vérité [link]. It has a simple premise -- 3 topics, 20 minutes. Two topics selected by the hosts and one topic selected by the listeners.

I host the show along with Neal, who founded the AudioShocker with me in 2007. For five and a half years, we've been producing the eponymous AudioShocker Podcast. Learn more about the logo from that series here: [link COMING SOON!]

A few weeks ago, we decided it was time to retire that series. We were both phoning it in and we wanted a new podcast concept that would reinvigorate us.

For inspiration, I looked to something that we coined to describe the AudioShocker's style of podcast production. The phrase "podcast vérité" began as a tongue-in-cheek way for us to describe our disinterest in the heavy-handed, radio-style of audio editing that many podcasts suffer from. In that phrase, I saw an opportunity for us to ground the new series in opinion and raw discussion.

My first design attempt resulted in this atrocious logo: [link]

Ewwwwwwwww. I shudder looking at it again. Wow. That's ugly.

However, the inclusion of "true opinions" in that first draft got Neal and I thinking about good ways to convey the personal, opinionated nature of this podcast series. Neal came up with the idea of emphasizing 'PO'dcast 'V'erite in the design while simultaneously streamlining the text. His basic design included the same colors and layout that you see here.

But there was still the matter of font!! I experimented with a lot of options, eventually looking at Google's selection of web fonts [link] for ideas. Out of a myriad of options, Neal and I whittled it down until Comfortaa [link] (it's free!) was the only one left.

Podcast Vérité is still a baby so it's hard to say how it'll evolve. But if I'm lucky, the podcast series will be just as sleek and smart as Neal's logo concept that turned into the version you see here!
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