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Adamantium - 7 Star Sky Flash Kick



I released my latest Nik Furious album last November. For each song, I created a doodle in the iOS Paintbook app. I was gonna release them one-by-one as I blogged about each song, but I changed my mind. Instead, I'm gonna post 'em here all at once!

I think this song art is pretty self-explanatory now that Wolverine is the star of a billion dollar movie franchise. But if ya don't know, adamantium is the metal that covers his bones and claws.

This song was created as the theme for the Comic Book Pitt podcast. Here's a short email exchange about how it came to be:

Learn more about 7 Star Sky Flash Kick:…

Download the Adamantium mp3:…

Listen to Adamantium on SoundCloud:…
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Haha "Hey Bub" :D

I love this song... I'm pretty sure this is the one that got me an "A" on the last exam ;-)