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A Podcast with Ross and Nick

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I had the idea to introduce logos for each individual AudioShocker podcast series in late 2010. Up until that point, our podcast posts had included some brief show notes and the podcast audio file. But that's it. No images. (Which is kinda nuts when I think about it because nowadays screencaps and other images are a focal point of the podcast experience on the AudioShocker.)

To make our podcasts stand out from our webcomics, wallpaper, and other weekly art blog posts we had running at the time, I tried to come up with colorful logos that reflected the distinct attitudes of our podcast series.

Since the launch of our website, we'd used the shocker hand sign in most of our site logos. The shocker has a really specific sexual connotation -- its usage tends to be pretty frat boy-ish -- and I didn't think that was appropriate for A Podcast with Ross and Nick.

I decided to bend over the middle finger of our shocker hand logo and turn it into a "rock on" hand. Officially known as the "sign of the horns", it's an old an Italian thing that was turned into a heavy metal thing by Ronnie James Dio [link].

While these hands were modified by me, they weren't made by me. Years ago, my site's co-founder Neal traded some computer services for a redesign of the AudioShocker hand. So somebody out there designed the basis for this hand icon but I have no idea who it is!

Anyway, I kept things pretty simple with this color scheme, settling on hot pink and saturated dark blue. Bright, contrasting, and attention grabbing. The font is stamPete [link] (it's €5.00), which was the AudioShocker's unofficial font for most of its existence. The ampersand uses a generic serif font.

My co-host Ross Campbell :iconmooncalfe: and I debuted our first version of this logo on A Podcast with Ross and Nick #78 [link]. That was a different version of the logo which featured a hot pink paint splatter behind it [link].

But only a few days later, I decided to scrap the paint splatter and go with a simpler version that included a slight drop shadow under "Ross" and "Nick". This final version debuted on A Podcast with Ross and Nick #79 [link].

Nowadays, the series has become A Podcast with Kaylie and Nick [link], which uses a modified version of this logo design. Learn more the Kaylie and Nick logo here: [link]

Ross and I have just launched a new series called Everything Blows with Ross and Nick [link]. I'll be posting that logo on DA next week when our new episode is out.
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cool! i didn't realize your podcasts used to not have any images. crazy! i think i must've started listening to you guys around the time you debuted the logo? i always kinda wondered where the Ross & Nick color scheme came from, like i know Ross likes purply-pinkish color palettes, so i wondered if he had a hand in choosing the colors like i did...but i guess you just picked them out yourself? haha and i agree, it's better without the splatter.