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A Podcast with Kaylie and Nick

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I just realized that I've never shared my AudioShocker podcast logos here on deviantART! Inspired by Todd Klein's logo studies [link] I'll be posting my logos and sharing a bit about their creation over the next couple weeks.

First up is A Podcast with Kaylie and Nick, which has a brand new episode out today [link].

I co-host this podcast series with Kaylie McDougal :iconkayliesaurus-rex:, who began as a guest when it was A Podcast with Ross and Nick [link].

Ross Campbell :iconmooncalfe: took a brief hiatus earlier this year and Kaylie filled in for him... but Kaylie and I had so much fun recording together that we didn't want to stop! So Ross was super cool about it and agreed to start a new series with me, Everything Blows with Ross and Nick [link], so Kaylie and I could continue our reviews of ALF and odd b-movies (more like z-movies, really).

The design for this logo is a refined version of the one I used for A Podcast with Ross and Nick [link]. That's where the hands and the layout came from. But I wanted to switch up the color scheme and introduce a bit more drama into the design for this new one!

In 2010, Kaylie joined Ross and I to review The Garbage Pail Kids Movie [link]. It was sorta like our signature episode, and that stuck in my mind while putting together this new logo.

I went with the font Shlop [link] (it's free!) for "Kaylie" and "Nick" because I thought it would capture the b-movie vibe I wanted. Plus, I fucking love that font to death. "A Podcast With" is in stamPete [link] (it's €5.00), which is the AudioShocker's signature font. The ampersand uses a generic serif font.

I decided to play with the perspective on the top and bottom rows of text by alluding to vanishing points above and below the logo. I feel like that really kicked up the drama and gave this logo some impact! But I also wanted to ground the design a bit, so I decided it would be fun to let the ampersand ignore the vanishing point and remain flat.

When I was selecting the color scheme I asked Kaylie her favorites, which she said are black, hot pink, red, and aqua blue. I designed the logo in that scheme, minus hot pink. But it didn't have the pop I wanted, so I turned the black into a dark purple and the aqua into electric blue. And BAM! The logo was complete.

You can check out all of the episodes of A Podcast with Kaylie and Nick here: [link]
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awesome job! i love this logo. i love drippy, horror fonts myself, and the combo of the electric blue and bright red remind me of old fashioned red and blue 3D glasses, which i love, and also ties in neatly with the B-movie theme!
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thx!!!!! in my opinion, the most important person to be please with this logo was you, so i'm glad it worked.

i didn't think about the 3D connection. that's cool!!

something about this logo feels very 80s to me, especially compared to the previous A Podcast with Ross and Nick logo. but i can't quite put my finger on why i feel that way about it... maybe it's just the drippy font with a slight perspective that does it. i dunno.