Smell My Cologne You J.A.H. Part 2

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Hello everybody.  I hope all is well in the universe for all you guys and gals.  Here are a few links of some of my homies over at Angel Comics and a few small trailers for those who haven't seen them.………

Now on another note.......How many times has anybody posted some artwork on a forum only to have a fanboy or somebody rip it apart.  Now it's one thing to have somebody give valid suggestions or points about something you post because that can help you grow and improve.  For some reason some of us find it necessary to nit pick or point out something that may or may not actually need corrections.  Have you ever in turn ventured out to see what they're artwork looks like and 90% of the time it basically borderline garbage?  Correction 90% of IT is garbage.

Just once I decided to humor a few individuals in question and my conclusion was just as baffling.  I've actually gone back and forth with a few pros as I worked on something of my own just to make sure I was on the right path.  

From the pencils to the inks even gone as far as to commission out the colors only to have the same individuals or a whole slew of new fanboys or whoever to rip that apart too.  Has that ever happened to you?  Ever wondered what will it take to please Driving Ms. Daisy? You're driving too slow, you drew that wrong, the colors are off on that ect.... But then you remember that you never asked for a critique on the forum.  

They just assume that since you posted the art you needed they're praise and approval because they've been crowned The King of Comic Art. (The Don)  They assume you have no understanding of what you're doing.

I realized a long time ago that no matter what you do or whoever you collaborate with somebody will not be satisfied and I for one do this to satisfy one person and that person being me, myself, & I.  I'm sure most of you do the same.  

Last but not least have you ever had somebody try to flip the script on you?  They reply to your comment with "You're being too harsh about the critique and you shouldn't attack people because that's no way to get any fans."   Hell I don't go on forums looking for fans.  Do any of you guys and gals do that out there?  I never said I was or needed to be a male attention whore.  

Now all of a sudden you're a bad guy for defending your work or basically doing the same thing they did which was state your comment but the problem was you commented wrong.  You were suppose to comment like a little Simp and punk out.  Your comment is suppose to go something like this, "Thanks for the comment and next time I'll try to do better just for you I promise next time I'll do my best so you'll like it!"  No Simp'n over here in this camp, I do not roll like that and neither do the dudes I kick it with.  

Anyways until next time same hate time, same hate channel.
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i really wish some of these so called "art critics" would just think before they type. it would save them alot of unwanted grief and pain.

also i wish they wouldn't try to critique someone's work when they don't have the design skills or the background in the same design field.
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In a nut shell!!!
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Welcome to the Internet, where every twit without any ounce of talent whatsoever can STILL be a critic.
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Twits talent I agree...dude either you're a Vulcan mind reader who has mastered the Mind Meld or you've noticed what we all have.
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Not a Vulcan.

Just been on the intarwebs for awhile.
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I hear you on that one bro.
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