Smell My Cologne You J.A.H. Part 1

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Hello to everybody out there on deviant.  Since this is my first journal I would like to start off by saying I’m sorry for posting such a long journal but, I’m not sorry at all because this has gone on far too long to many great and aspiring artists. Now I will say thanks to everybody that has stopped by to view my gallery, to fav something to say hi, or to just leave a nice comment.  I also want to thank those gals & guys out there who accepted commissions and my money no matter how green it is. (I’ll address that matter later too) I really appreciate it and most of the artists that I have links to my art gallery, like my buddies over at Angel Comics appreciate it as well.  Now on another note, I’m going to address a few issues or just rant as my time here at deviant expires.  I find it to be somewhat disturbing that as an artist I keep running into a lot of J.A.H. on forums & on message boards.  (Oh and for those who don’t know -J.A.H. is short for Jealous A$$ Haters also known as fanboys) (Fanboys- meaning if it’s not a Marvel or DC character whatever you post is garbage and means nothing to me because I’m a fanboy and I worship only Marvel and DC related art or characters.) Oh and yes I like Marvel and DC characters/art but, I don’t restrict myself to just what they do and only them.  Set that straight right now before somebody comes back twisting there lips and bumping their gums about something they know nothing about.  Now a few of these so called J.A.H. have even wiggled they’re way into Deviant too.  Some of them I’ve exchanged a few words or comments with here and there on a personal note, which has somewhat triggered this silent outburst of mine.  What I really despise are COLORISTS who hate just because they can’t draw. Yeah I said it – COLORIST who can’t draw. An artist who can pencil and ink they’re work gets they’re work colored by somebody else and all a certain group of colorists can do is give them a negative comment when they’ve gone out they’re way to do solid pencils, inks and get some professional colors laid. You couldn’t find any anatomy wrong with the art so you had to find something bogus to say. Just couldn’t let it be or maybe it’s the fact that you envy the artist and the great colorist he or she teamed up with.  I for one think that the colorist is just as important as the  penciler, inker, writer ect and coloring is drawing.  (Frazetta & Boris hmmm)  Any colorist or inker, penciler ect that doesn’t see it that way obviously thinks very little of them selves.  I’m sure some of you all can relate but don’t you just get tired of silly remarks or comments about something you penciled, inked, or colored that start off negative for whatever reason but then this so called J.A.H. tries to put a positive spin on it in the end?  Really people what’s the point?  Stay consistent.  If you’re going to start off dogging a person’s artwork then finish dogging it all the way through.  Don’t try to put a positive spin on it saying “It’s really a nice piece and I’m not trying to be negative so don’t take it the wrong way dude.” WTF is that? Don’t take it the wrong way it’s really a nice piece.  You know it’s going to be taken the wrong way which is the whole reason it was said in the first place because that same individual would piss a hissy fit if I said it to them.  Right? Don’t punk out keep it 100, stand your ground and mean what you say.

Now the next rant is one of my favorites.  After posting some of your art whether it be pencils, inks, colors or you just happen to be gifted enough to do all three, you get a response like this- “The eyes are crooked, or that hand is jacked up, you didn’t color that right! Or your anatomy really sucks you need some lessons.”  Straight out the box talking sideways! I don’t know what’s worse, listening to somebody so blunt or being struck over the head with a blunt object.  I think I’d choose being struck over the head with the hopes of being rendered unconscious just so I wouldn’t have to listen to remarks like that. And I know what some us out there are thinking, if you can’t take criticism then you shouldn’t be posting your work..  Well there is a difference between good criticism and just flat out being an A$$hole!  A few times I’ve responded with well thanks for the comment and next time I’ll make sure my hands, eyes, and feet don’t look jacked up oh great art master forgive me, yeah right!.  Now don’t misunderstand me I’ve contacted pros in the industry for advice and I’ve gotten good feed back.  Non of them did any ego stroking towards me at all. They kept it 100 and told me what I needed to work on and come back after I’ve worked at it.  It’s funny how a hand full of pros give you some good feed back after you’ve followed what they told you to work at can see that you’ve improve and then that J.A.H. comes along not knowing this not that it matters to them, will rag on that same work.  Now who are you going to listen to some J.A.H. who gallery compared to yours looks like garbage full of fanboy material or a hand full of seasoned pros?  Yes I said garbage. If you don’t like my choice of words stop by my gallery and leave me a comment not a note a COMMENT so we can keep it on front street.  This is especially funny when you refer them to the reference you used and now they look like a dumb A$$. In most cases I’ll ask this so called art professional (J.A.H.) to show me what they’re talking about, give me an example and I’ve yet to have one person show me  what they feel is the correct way when ever I request an example. At that point I find myself auditioning for a roll on the movie set of “Silence of the Lambs” because that’s exactly what happens everything gets silent. It’s like they’ve been put on the spot or something.  Or they just can’t pencil, ink, or color at all and get they’re kicks from talking down on other people’s artwork

Another example of this from my personal experience is when I’ve commissioned a colorist to color something of mine and then later share it with another colorist or so called professional only to see the first comment from them is “That was colored wrong!”  WTF again?! I’m thinking to myself I approached this person about paying them to color the same piece of art and the first thing out of they’re mouth was “Well ummmmm I’m working on coloring some Jim Lee SUBMISSION pages to Marvel and ummmm…I don’t have time to color that dude.”  (submission- meaning no pay but we might get back to you in the near future) In most cases I can respect that it’s your choice so I’m cool on that but then I checked back with them and asked, “How are those Jim Lee SUBMISSION pages to Marvel working out?”  “Oh well I ummmm decided I wasn’t going to finish that and I got offered some pay to do some colors for this Indy company and I really needed the money.”  WTF again?! Did you think I contacted you for free work? I don’t like working for free so why would I expect the next person to enjoy working for free. News flash people I DO NOT expect anybody to DO anything that I wouldn’t DO. I’m thinking to myself didn’t I just approach this person about doing some colors for me that was paid work which most likely leads to more paid work because I got other dudes around me that are in dire need of colors or whatever and have money in the hand just like me? Now that doesn’t fall into the category of A$$hole, it has to be something much worse like they’re the stuff that passes through an A$$hole because that’s a load of you know what.  Of course I get it now….even though some of us will pay for what we need the fact that I’m not some big time comic company or some big shot editor my money isn’t green enough.  I didn’t approach you saying I only have $50 dollars and I want you to color something for pay that’s way below your rate and expect you to accept that or try to talk down your price. Those of you out there that have dealt with me know this to be true.  But of course if I were that big shot editor at that big time comic company, selling you a dream you’ve been chasing- pimp’n you out like a Saturday night hooker, whispering all those sweet nothings in your virgin little ears on prom night and promise you pay on the backend or whatever, you’re cool to jump on those projects and then complain about it in the end when you’re literally getting screwed!  News flash if you’re gonna be a hooker be a smart hooker that gets some or all of they’re money up front.  These companies want work from you or that trick needs to get laid-well to get work from you or any services from that hooker then that hooker needs to get what folks? You guessed it that hooker needs to get PAID!  This is real talk folks.  Yeah you saw them listed in Diamond previews, yeah you’ve seen some of they’re books at the comic shop but that doesn’t officially mean you’ll definitely get paid.  Books get cancelled all the time or you get cheated from the start.  Yeah that’s right I said it, I sure did!  And those of you out there who treated me like that or anybody else you know who you are -we know who you are!  As far as I’m concern in 2008 it’s open season all year long on all the haters!   Everything is getting checked! Taking no shorts or loses in 08!

Now if I’d allow silly comments and straight out hate deter me from creating art then I wouldn’t have accomplished all that I have or even do what I do today same as you right?  And I didn’t address or write this just for me.  This is for all those talented and appreciated guys and gals out there holding down a 9 to 5 day job, just to come home to blood sweat and glory on your artwork all through the hours of the night. Clocking in 3 to 4hrs of sleep a day doing what you love most only to have some turd stomp on it when you post it up.  No clue to what extent of time and sacrifice you’ve put into it.  CLUELESS to who or what is involved.  So if you come by my gallery and happen to stumble into a thread of comments what looks to be a shouting match, let it be known no matter how small or harmless a person thinks they’re comment is, nothing goes UNCHECKED if anything negative is directed towards me or any other fellow artist. I’ve said this many times before and I’m saying it here, “I let the quality of the work speak for itself. It’s either good or it’s bad.”  “We’re the best there is at what we do as professional artists or hobbyist alike. On another note I’m looking forward to attending a few cons this year and if I just happen to attend the same con as you fine folks out there feel free to find out what booth I’m at so you can stop by and smell my cologne or just chop it up with me. I digress.

© 2008 - 2021 nickleboy
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You tell em dude!
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Hey Nik you need to read my post bassed on this subject. You will find that we agree on a great many things.

Oh yes a great many things.
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Fa sho! I'm on it!
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Yeah Issey Miyake but if I'm in a good mood maybe you'll catch me with some Coolwater.....
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selfish and wholly self absorbed human nature, only fattened and engorged by the nonexistent self esteem of those same goons who post up with some danga and gaynime excuses for rip off artwork. BE a fanboy by all means people, but dun you ever believe you have the rightg to step to someone who is paying and getting paid when you havent once put up the cash to ave your dirty a$$ pencils colored over. It has to be too expensive. i mean right? So anyhow, yeah Mike we dun say it enough pawtnah.... dun hate cuz you aint. Trully inspiring words man!!! Haters.... if you made it this far down the thread, youre wasting your time cuz I am pretty sure there is a talented cat out there who just posted a piece of theirs and cant wait to see who the next narrow minded chump is to try and disect their work.... but please know, the first thing they do before they rip you a new one is breeze past your throwed gallery. believe it.


come hate me.
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well, i must agree. and i would like to add , let's not forget the "fanboys" that drop by and say things like, "aw... dude i hate to tell you , you just redrew the batmoblie" when clearly the design is something else altogether. to me this just show the short-sighted views and lack of skills on their part, and the total lack of respect for the artist and the creative drive behind the illo.

it seems a lot of these so-called "critics" only exist to tear-down up-and-coming artist. i only hope that DA doesn't become like a certain other board i use to drop by ( i won't mention the name , but it had something to do with "jacking" and "pencils").
nickleboy's avatar
Fickle minds my friend fickle fickle minds. If I dogged somebodies work like that I'll never hear the end of it.
mikecharles's avatar
true ,very true. same here i wouldn't even think about cutting down another artist work. i just hope that others will see dogging another artist's work will only lead them to being exclude and branded as an @$$hole, or worst.
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:typerhappy: :blahblah:

just kiddin man, i knwo what you mean. here here!
nickleboy's avatar
Yeah I know you know because I've seen the hate left on some of your work too. Leave no disrespect unchecked!
DynamoDiva's avatar
*reels from the wall of text*


All kidding aside... we could have diced that into a few more paragraphs and made it a LOT easier to read and understand, without losing any of the passion. You want to keep the passion, that's the good bit. Just need to, you know, not make it hit people upside the head like a rock.

But yeah, man, I dig what you're trying to say, there. Us amateurs need to have a little respect for the craft, AND the crafter. Peace out.
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Yeah I know what you mean by making it short but some of us that ride the short bus just don't get it and will only learn from being knocked upside the head. A lot of those examples needed to be said so that when the next person comes at me sideways they won't have to wonder why am checking them on it. I actually had more to address but I'll do that in part 2 when I post another journal. That was my first journal and long over due so yeah there will be more to follow and they won't be so stretched out. Thanks for commenting you're always stopping by my gallery and your comments are always welcome. Holla!
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For real and you know what I hate all these I have to submit to marvel or top cowards or D.c and they forget about when they first started and give you some high ass price for a pic penciled. Tell em all Nickelboy! Tell them all!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cause it's like everytime I speak to a good artist their like we'll I'm workig for Marvel or I'm trying to get with D.C.
MAN IF ALL THESE ARTIST THAT ARE TRYING TO BE HOES FOR THESE BIG COMPANIES WERE TO BAND TOGETHER. I THINK d.c and Marvel would be running to them. Just a thought since you mentioned all that. Hollar back
nickleboy's avatar
Man that's what's up! I don't diss another man or woman's art for all I know that might be they're main source of bread and butter ya know? You've heard it just like I have we're just writing & drawing LITTLE books nothing important it's not a real man's job unless you drive in to a job where you slave for another man.
DevinRichard's avatar
I definetly feel you on all that.
Hopefully they'll figure out what was implied.
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Could you explain a little more? I mean the brief 700 sentence journal doesn't quite explain it.
nickleboy's avatar
Sure. I was basically addressing how artists are subject to bone head comments about they're art that is really meant to degrade or insult what they do. Or basically if you're not FAMOUS then everthing you do will be put under a microscope because only the pros get it right all the time. If you don't work for a top notch company that's in the news all the time then I don't care how green your money is because working for you won't get me any face time right now because I'm an attention whore and I need my ego stroked 24/7 so I can be famous!!! That's what I'm talking about other artists who think they're big sh--t and everybody else is beneath them no matter how good they may be.
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Dude i completely get the point. You know how many people hear your an illustrator, and if you don't say marvel or dc they just don't care, and you might as well be drawing on cardboard in an alley. Most opinions don't matter to me, as i do believe most people are genuinely stupid or just annoying.
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