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Nice commission to :iconshbinder:
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This is great! Struggling mffing all while her boots and belt hang desperately inches

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I agree. Any tickling that will help her to struggle some more ? 😈
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OH I'm sure a few fingers stroking her soles will get her to squirm and squeal some more =)

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I love the way you think
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This is a wonderfully dynamic piece of art. And of course my favorite art subjects-pretty girls helpless in rope. Superb work.

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He forgot to hang up her costume! ;P  Great work!
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At least he made sure to give her a good crotch rope. I mean that's a relativly caring and considerate thing to do for a villain, right? ;) And it's not like she's dangling over a shark pool or a vat of acid or anything. So there's that at least... :D

Seriously though, great artwork!
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Beautiful job :happybounce:

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A marvelous job my friend
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She makes for a delightful pendulum :-)
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Dayum, she's got some sexy legs and hips. :heart:
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* Covers her Head in a Hood for Sensory Isolation and calls a whole Club of Tickletorture-Fans * :XD: :laughing:
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I take it he needs to take over the city so he can force the city council to support a bond initiative to fund a new roof for his lair?  :slow:
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Love the position, gag, and expression!
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Why did the villain take off her boots? Does he have a fetish with ultragirl's foot? Cluck

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ahhh, not the fetish i have... i'd have that top off

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Who knows? Villains are... crazy! :D :D :D
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