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MOVING TO ''LovingSakuraKat''

Yesterday i put a journal saying i move to a new account, but just making sure, i'll be posting this for those who haven't seen it yet, or don't care about journals.

I'm currently doing all the process of moving to the new account~
I'm debating if i should deactivate this account or just leave it as unused and make sure people understand i moved to another account.
Anyway, yeah, the link to the account is:…………
I'm hoping people read my recent journal.
Hey everyone!
It's been a while since I've done one of these.
And this'll be the last one i'll do here.
Now what do i mean by that? Well...

Remember that one journal where i asked if i should make a new account?
After some talking i had with some of my friends on discord, i decided that i wanted a fresh start.
I know this account has been online for 5 years now, but it's alright.
The account is already made!

For those who want to keep following me, the new account is....…

Thank you all for years of support in this account, but it is time for this account to say goodbye.
I'll deactivate it when the time comes (Probably in about a month or 2). For now, i'll start moving out to the new account.

Love you all!!
~ Katherine
Mobian Deviant Version of Me!
This is my new version of Mobian Deviant Me.
If you dunno what that means, SlashClaws271 makes Sonic versions of his friends. And i don't mean ocs. I mean that the human versions become Sonic versions. So this is basically me. At least, the female version of me, which i prefer the most~

I tried really hard on this one. Hope you guys like it~!
Preview: Heart's new design!
I've been drawing a lot recently.
I gave Heart a bit of a redesign.
Now Heart is not a trap, but a girl! I also made her design be more flowy, her ears are now a bit more dropped, etc.
I'll hopefully finish it later .w.

~ Katherine
Practice Drawing - Smash Mains
It's been 2 months (i believe) since i drew something. So now that i have a lot of free time, i can finally get to draw. But of course i had to see if i got rusty or not. So i decided to practice first before heading straight into what i want to draw. So i decided, why not give it a shot at drawing my Super Smash Bros. Mains? So here you go.

I know Dark Pit's thumbs are wrong lol I noticed it very late. But eh, it was just for practice. (And to be honest, i draw humans horribly)
I also know Sonic looks different, but that's just my style of drawing Sonic characters .w.

So yeah, what do you guys think?
~ Katherine (I think i'll mostly stick with the female name, since... I really like it >////>)
Hey, everyone. It's been a long time since i've talked here.

The truth is i've been very busy with college to even draw. So many exams...

There's also the fact that i want to draw more traditionally than digitally (since, yunno, my pixelart is not original considering i use a base for it), but my parents judge everything i draw. So that sucks.

And to be honest... I've been thinking about having a reset on deviantArt. Making a new account. But the thing is, most people watching me here will probably not follow me there. I will tell all my close friends about my new account, and then put a journal, a status update and a drawing showing my new account link... But that's only if i decide to make a new account. For now it's up to debate.

Anyway, about drawings, i will most likely go back to drawing close to the end of the year, aka after December 7th, which is not only the last exam of the year, it's also the release date of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Take care everyone~!
I love you~!

- Nicholas/ Katherine
(I still need to get a new name... I kind of don't like using 2 names. It gets people confused.)
Hey, i forgot to mention i was back!
(Not that many people actually knew i left)

Anyway, i'm still not ready to show drawings, because i still feel like they suck, sooooooooo, i'll still be inactive here.
I am still able to chat tho .o.
TBH, i'm mostly active on Discord these days.
And i'm thinking on making a new dA page. I dunno, this one is... pretty bleh...
But i'll decide that later.

See ya guys later!!!
I hate doing this... I really do...
But today I failed an exam... Like... Really badly...
So... From now on... Whenever i"m close to exam dates, I will not be online at all...
Which really hurts for me... Because I hate doing it... I feel alone and it hurts...
Who knows if all my negativity and depression makes me hurt myself while nobody is looking?...
I'll try to control myself from those thoughts...
But know that i love every single one of you and that i don't mean to disapear because of being mean... But because i have to...
I hope i can do better in college like this... (Though i doubt it with how negative i am...)
Wish me luck... And i'll talk to you later...
I feel better now.
Sorry about that.
I'm sorry... I really am...
I hate myself so much for what i did...
You're right... I am an attention seeker...
And i should die... People should leave me so that they don"t suffer like you did...
And when everyone does... It'll be my chance to leave this world and make it a better place without my fucking presence...
All i have done is mistakes... All i have done is unforgivable...

I want to die...
For real this time...
Everyone should leave me and stop being my friend...
I'm an awful friend and an awful human being...
End my life already...
I want to be gone...
I hate this suffering...
I hate myself...
I want it to end...
I'd like to apologize right away to anyone of my friends that i haven't talked to in a while.
I lost a friend recently because i didn't talk to her for some days, but i swear i didn't mean to... So i apologize. I don't wanna lose more friends...
Woo! I finally caught up with everything!... I think XD
At least i uploaded every drawing i did so far.
And did some tags i had X3

Anyway, i think i should also mention that i have Twitter now, so if anyone wants to follow the random stuff i say, like or retweet there, here's a link!


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