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Commercial/Unrestricted use of ANY of my stock images is now available for a cost of £7.50
Payment can be made to my Paypal address

>>click here to purchase >>…

Please state your name and photo you are wanting to use for commercial use in notes when paying.

I still require notification of stock use, however you may use the image with intention to sell as PART of a design/manipulation/painting/bookcover/CD cover etc On/Off DeviantArt.
No Selling of original unedited Stock images.
Simple! :)

:bulletgreen: Once payment has been sent you have permission with immediate effect to use and sell your work containing my stock on any sites/shops/gallery/craft fayre etc.

These rules were last updated on the 16/09/2014

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If you just want to use my images for DeviantArt Manipulations, the rules are
Pink Square Bullet Link me to the image.
Purple Square Bullet Credit me in your description
Silver Square Bullet Be respectful of the stock.
Green Square Bullet No Filters/Textures over stock and uploading as art.

Cheerleader Joy  That is all i ask!Joy Cheerleader 

The Obvious Rules

Blue Pixel Orb You MUST link back to me at all times, Either linking the url or : iconnickistock : without the spaces into your "artists comments"

Blue Pixel Orb Link me to everywhere you have posted pictures That you have made from my stock

Blue Pixel Orb My Images and Deviations at Nickistock Do not belong to the public domain.

Blue Pixel Orb Respect my images. A lot of my images are of my pets. I don't want to see my pets looking ill, or dead or mangled up etc. It is not fair use of my stock, as I'm sure most will agree.

Don't get freaked out by the rules below, .. These are if you are unsure, or want to use my stock differently. Ie: Filters over stocks etc, or commercial work.

Lily's Rainbow Box

Please read below if you are unsure.

 Green Square Bullet Green Square Bullet  You can Green Square Bullet Green Square Bullet 
Green Tick
Regarding Textures over photography
If you use any of my TEXTURES, A texture that is in my gallery under the textures folder, It IS allowed for you to place your work in photography. (ie, you want a texture over your photography) As long as the texture is credited to me.
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Can i use this?
You do not need to ask me "can i use this in my work" .. The answer is yes!
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Other than DeviantArt?

I do allow deviants to use my images out side of DA, As long as you are a Deviantart member, And have already uploaded the image to Deviantart. You will need to inform me where it is on the web too. Note me for clarification if needed.
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What about nude images
I do allow my work to be used along side Nude images.
Green Tick
School projects/College/uni work
you CAN use my images for school/college projects, ... be it a sketch or whatever..As long as i know you are using it, i have no problem.
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Prints on Deviant Art?
You may use my stock to make prints. No restrictions.
Green Tick

Bullet; Red You Can't Bullet; Red
Unedited images
It is NOT allowed for you to upload any of my unedited images to Flikr, imageshack, photobucket etc,
Photography section
NONE OF YOUR WORK IS TO ENTER THE PHOTOGRAPHY SECTION OF DEVIANTART. I took the photo, it's my "photography" .. as you edited it, It's your photo Manipulation.
Filters and colour changes
Do not "change the colours" or " Do a simple texture" over the image and re upload it.
That's not yours!
Do not redistribute or claim these images as your own!
Stock from stock!
No stock to be made out of my stock! NO EXCEPTIONS! Blurred lines is not cool!:talktothehand: revamp 
Racist/Hateful work
I do NOT allow racist/hateful work to be made with my stock. Expressing emotions is fine.
I thank you for reading these rules, ..If you are found to be breaking these rules i will find/report you. Even if you're not on DA. :) (Smile)
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