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Now you can get the print and kindle versions on Amazon, or get a PDF through Itch. Keep in mind, this is the longest book so far. The first was only 150 pages. This is about 190. Naturally, I had to raise the price a bit. Just two dollars, though. But remember! If you want a signed copy, you can upgrade your Patreon tier to $50. I went aaaallll out with this one. It's not the end of the series, more like a season 1 finale... But it is the end of some current arcs, the last book where the pirates are still the major threat to global stability. As for Minnow, she'll have to ask uncomfortable questions and reconcile things about herself, her trauma, and her world. Pulling no punches this time! Enjoy! Link to print and Kindle version on Amazon Link to Itch
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Yes, stranger than "Dank Themes." If you think you know where this one is going, trust me.... you do not. Enjoy this conclusion to the Lego Rewind April Fools Trilogy! And remember, you can see videos like this a week or so early on my Patreon page. I have two more videos coming out this month.
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It's time for a change... I've drawn a lot of things over the years, but some of you may've noticed commissions taking up more and more real estate in recent years, recent months especially. There are a few reasons for that, the biggest being that I moved into a 150-year-old farmhouse in November that needed a ton of renovations. Still does. You know the old thing about replacing every piece of a ship one at a time until you've effectively built an entire second ship in its place? That's what we had to do to this property, inside and out. And it's coming together beautifully now, but at a price. The amount of commissions I'd normally spread out over a year, I took it all on in the couple of months to afford materials and such. And since then, I've taken on a few more commissions. I've had to take on new work faster than I can FINISH it. some customers are still waiting for their pieces months later. This is unacceptable. I can't keep going at this pace, it's just not sustainable and
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Hey I don't if you about this or not but can I ask you something?

have you heard of a show called tugs?

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dont see it posted anywhere but what u typically charge for commissions?

$40 for a character, $25 for each additional one or a background. $80 for a comic page.

Have heard of Tenkai Knights? It’s a brick theme that had transforming bricks and a familiar story about four elemental guardians who have to save an alien world from destruction
It was released around the same time as Legends of Chima
They even had their own ANIME