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Volume 6, commissions, and the rest of the year...

Volume 6, commissions, and the rest of the year...

With The Toa finished, I've been juggling what commissions remain with the next installment of Planet Ripple. Progress has been slow due to various real-like things getting in the way, but I am making progress. The trick is not letting one thing cut into too much of the other thing's time. If anyone is interested in a commission atm, I'm always open. I may not get to it immediately since I have to finish others' first, but I could use the work. I'm putting youtube on hold for the moment because.... well, my last video took a solid MONTH to produce, and I just can't take another hit like that, or Planet Ripple's next book might be a little late. Can't have that. I can set aside a little time for this, though. Bust- $20 Full body shot- $30-$40 +$20 for each additional character +$25 for a background Comic book cover/page- $60-$70

No pages today :(

No pages today :(

Going to a family thing, and I won't get back to my computer 'til tomorrow. I'll make sure to upload twice as many pages to make up for it.

Okay... no more messing around.

Okay... no more messing around.

You may've noticed I've been a little quiet in recent weeks, despite saying I wasn't going to take another break until The Toa was done. Well... there have been a few things. A recent death in my dad's side of the family, some house renovations... aaaand this. This video took about a month to produce. That's working almost all day, almost every day, often into the night. Recording hundreds of video clips, upgrading my computer with extra ram, this was EXHAUSTING. And I knew if I didn't power through it right now, I could be juggling it with other projects for another two or three months. That's clearly unacceptable. So I charged ahead. And you know what? It turned out pretty swell. I just...... I can't make videos like this anymore. The kinds you'd normally have a whole team of editors working on, with stronger PCs. It's literally bad for my health to keep doing it. I've made, like, 3 videos this year and they all took weeks to produce. If I made videos

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Thank you for the favourite!

Sunset Shore
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Thanks for the Favrt.

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Thank you for the fav. :)

bigfootRULESStudent Writer

so who would be the voice cast of The Toa?

Oh shoot, uh... I’m terrible with VA names.

wait is there an official dub coming?